H100H class members identify occupational health hazards at Philomath Fire & Rescue

This course is the OSU Honors College version of H100, Introduction to Public Health.  It has the same learning objectives and covers all of the same topics as the “traditional” introductory course, but with smaller class size (15-20 students), and with greater emphasis on experiential learning. Students taking the Honors College section should expect not that this section will be more work than the “traditional” section, but that the work will be more experiential and tailored to their interests. Several sessions are conducted in the “field” so that students get hands-on experience. A major element of the course is a student-directed exploration of a public health topic of interest to each student.

Assessing food availability at Corvallis Safeway

During winter term 2015, course members conducted several field exercises, including assessment of local food availability, evaluation of the built environment related to walking and biking, identification of occupational health hazards and protection in a local worksite, and observation of food production (farming) operations and their relationship to human and environmental health.

Honors H100 is offered during winter term. Here is the near-final syllabus for the coming term: h100h syllabus w16