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  • International Human Resource Managment

    For the purpose of this blog, I have selected option two with my new job being in Japan. After receiving the notice from my boss about relocating to Japan, I decided to research the country and work culture more. Leaving my private office will be a huge change. Japan has a main focus on group […]

  • Stress Management

    A person’s mental health is of the upmost importance. How someone is able to deal with stress and conflict can really affect how they are feeling about themselves. This in turn affects their role as an employee and whether or not they are performing well or feeling satisfied. According to an article by the American […]

  • Compensation

    Recently at my work, we had a discussion about promoting a high performing employee. As human resources, I met with their manager to discuss their performance as well as the new requirements of the promoted position. It was decided that at this time, the employee would be promoted, trained, and given a raise once he […]

  • Week 6 Individual Assignment

    Beneficial Training: One beneficial training that I have experienced was at Starbucks. This was one of my first real jobs and they have a very well-developed training program for all of their new hires. This program is set up to follow a specific formula of self-paces videos, quizzes, and then 1-1 training with new coworkers. […]

  • EEO & Diversity

    Whether we acknowledge it or not, implicit bias is something that everyone as an interviewer should recognize and keep in check. Having a first impression type reaction or judgement to a specific candidate based on things like the applicant’s race, gender, weight, or religion can alter the way that you are listening to what they […]

  • Interviews

    Throughout my short life, I have been a part of many interviews. These have taken place on both sides of the table. I have personally been interviewed in a formal setting as the applicant about six times. Outside of that I have been in meetings with potential coaches and trying to communicate who I am […]

  • Job Descriptions

    Within a business job descriptions are a crucial element to any position. regardless of whether that position has been held by the same person for twenty years or if it is being opened up for outside hires, every position needs it’s own accurate job description. This can be taxing on the management team. If every […]

  • WK 1: Best Companies to Work For

    The company that I have chosen to work for is Wegmans Food Markets. I spent a brief while living in Rochester, New York. During this time I had frequent wonderful experiences at Wegmans. When I saw that this was third on the list of best places to work for by Fortune 500, I knew that […]

  • Hello world!

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