5 Ways to Increase Landing Page Conversions

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I’m going to be completely honest; when I first started as a Marketing Intern for 10 Barrel Brewing Company, my familiarity with landing pages and conversions was slim to none… great for a marketing major huh?

But after my time there and actually doing some of my own work on these topics I began to feel more and more at home. It made me realize how important landing pages and their conversion rates are to your company. So being how important they are, you want to increase your landing page conversion rate to its’ maximum potential. How exactly do you do that? Follow these 5 steps and you will be a conversion wizard.


A lot of letters right? This is one of the main things you are going to need to know when beginning your creation of a landing page. This acronym stands for, Never. Start. A. Marketing. Campaign. Without. A. Dedicated. Landing. Page. Absolutely nothing matters until you have established your goal or what your campaign stands for. Once you have established this, it’s easy. Form your landing page to fit this goal or campaign and you will see conversions blast through the roof like Wonka.


Boom. Simple as that, get it? But really, let’s be honest, you don’t have a lot of time to capture the attention of the audience. Make your landing page headline short and to the point in order to capture the visitor’s attention. You want to drive the attention of your audience directly to your call to action. I used a perfect example below, their main header has a total of FOUR words. They got straight to the point and got it across in those four words. No one wants to sit there and read a story while shopping for the next hot thing, just Be Simple.

Source: https://www.crazyegg.com/blog/landing-page-essentials/


Like I said earlier, you are trying to get the point across with the smallest amount of words necessary. If you can’t use a lot of words how do you do that? You use content, whether it be some images of your product or a nice video in the back. You are trying to get your audience to stop and really engage with your landing page. If you have existing images from your social media then that makes it even better!

Build The Trust

I don’t know about you, but one thing I always look for in a product or a company are the reviews. Have some great ones? Awesome, use them to your advantage! If you can find the best reviews about your company, feel free to put them on the landing page. It shows you that people have used your product or service, and have liked it. Most importantly, it shows them that you have credibility!

Test, Test and Test Some More

When you think you are all finished with your landing page, and you think it is the one. Test It, make sure it is the best landing page you can create. Should you go for a short form landing page, or roll with a long form? How are your loading speeds? Should you add some more images, get rid of any? These are all questions that should be running through your head when testing your landing page. Able to answer them all and think you have the best landing page? Conversion city here we come!



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