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Newport Veterinary Hospital is a small company on the Oregon Coast. It is in a rural area with two more of its competitors, Grove Veterinary Clinic and Animal Medical Care. There are a couple other clinics owned by the same owner in the Tigard and Salem. Dr. Ken Genova owns each of the clinics as well as practices Veterinary Medicine at all of them. Each clinic has a different manager who runs and makes sure the clinic functions properly; those people are locals to each town in which their clinic is located. The hospital is run more hierarchic than democratic, with veterinarians, veterinarian technicians, veterinary assistants, receptionists and volunteers. The employees work both individually and in teams. More times then others the employees work in teams. The office has a strict office of navy blue scrubs only with black tennis shoes and long hair pulled back. The office is a very warming environment. Although it is small, daily procedure flow smoothly and without frequent complications. The office is located at 552 NW 3rd Street Newport, Oregon. The town it is located is fairly small with no more than 10,000 people, it’s a very cozy town right beside the ocean.
The company is a very family orientated and serves many locals in the community. Many of their customers have been going to their clinic for decades. They are known for practicing on small domestic animals but in the past when their previous own, Dr. Bowman would go on farm calls to treat horses, cattle and other livestock. Dr. Bowman is a well-known figure around the community. He ran the clinic for more than twenty years, he was the last to own the clinic before Dr. Ken Genova.
Today two veterinarians are practicing at this location. Dr. Ken Genova and Dr. Kimberli Parker. Dr. Kimberli Parker is main practitioner at the clinic working 5-6 days a week at the clinic while Dr. Genova fills in at least once a week.
Newport Veterinary Hospital is a very well respected clinic, there are many good reviews and customers always leave with a smile.


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Karisa is a student at Oregon State University. She’s working towards her bachelors degree in animal science, along with getting her certification to become a veterinarian technician. She is in her second year at Oregon State and hopes to become a Veterinarian after college.

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