I’m going to talk about the project I’m working on for my Capstone course at OSU this term. I think the idea behind the project is pretty cool and although our implementation is still early-stage / experimental at this point – the idea could have real value down the road. We call our app 3STAT… Continue reading 3STAT

Debt Payoff Strategies

Rather go to bed without dinner than to rise in debt” – Benjamin Franklin When I first graduated from college, I faced a problem that many people face at some point in their lives – a large mountain of student debt. The primary lesson I took away from paying off my student loans is that… Continue reading Debt Payoff Strategies

Risk management

Before starting my journey at OSU, I worked for about four years as a credit risk officer at major banks. The purpose of my role was to manage the banks’ risk involved in trading activity with hedge funds. Counterparty credit risk The specific type of risk I monitored is known as counterparty credit risk. I’ll… Continue reading Risk management

Levels of competition

I’ve recently made tennis into a consistent hobby. I had played a decent amount many years ago and have been a fan of the sport for a long time. After falling out of a solid workout routine through the chaos of COVID, I thought tennis could be a fun way to get back in shape.… Continue reading Levels of competition

Methods of improvement

A new hobby I’ve recently picked up chess as a hobby. I played very casually growing up but hadn’t played in a long time. I was bored one day and figured that chess could be more thought-provoking than just another video game. I’ve played for a few months now and have come to appreciate that… Continue reading Methods of improvement