CS Capstone Blog for Sean Blayney

  • Blog Post #1

    Hello everybody and welcome to the first in my series of blog posts for CS 467 Capstone!  I’m very excited to be nearing the end of the program and am looking forward to creating something really awesome in this class. Allow me to introduce myself.  My name is Sean and I live in Columbus, Ohio […]

  • Blog Post #4

    While working on our AR Arcade Classics, I have run into a lot of aspects of the project that require research on how to get components working in Unity. When I get stuck trying to find a solution to parts of the project, I tend to start by searching through blogs and forums for a […]

  • Blog Post #3

    Hello and welcome to my third blog post for my Capstone class! We are now halfway through the class and boy has the semester really flown by. Our AR Arcade Classics project is progressing nicely in my opinion. We are making good progress and are hitting only minor roadblocks here and there. Everybody is working […]

  • Blog Post #2

    My project for Capstone is the AR/VR Arcade Classics. My team and I have decided that we will be remaking Galaga and allowing users to play it in Augmented Reality using the Unity game engine. We chose Unity as our game engine because I actually come from a game design background (my first degree was […]

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