Soundbites is a weekly (biweekly, occasionally) feature of the coolest, newest bioacoustics, soundscape, and acoustic research, in bite-size form. Plus other cool stuff having to do with sound.

Classification of non-song repertoire in Southeast Alaskan humpbacks:  I am only cheating a LITTLE bit with the fact that this is Michelle’s paper, but it is also very very interesting and applicable! Congrats, Michelle!

Soundscape analysis shows parrot preference for old-growth forestthese researchers used acoustic monitoring to show that seven out of nine species of parrot preferentially perch in old-growth forest instead of regenerating forest. Deforestation has long-term consequences that can’t be corrected by simply regrowing things, guys.

Fun link of the week: Holger has successfully moved to Ithaca, NY only to find himself buried in another Northeastern Snowpocalypse. So this week’s link discusses why it’s so much quieter when it snows. Hey Holger, send the Pacific Northwest some of that–I want to go snowboarding!

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