HPV and HPV strains for new treatment

For finding out the HPV‘s strain cover needed of new treatment, let’s talk about what is HPV and why the vaccine is needed first.

According to the Sarid and Gao article, HPV is considered as the cause of almost cervical cancer in women, and head and neck cancers are also the consequence of infection. Thus, the vaccine for against HPV is needed. However, the cost of developing vaccine for new strain is large which means the new developed vaccine need to cover almost causes strain. As Bouvard mentioned in the article “A review of human carcinogens”, around 80% of cervical cancer is attribute to 16, 18, 31 and 45 strains, while people have available vaccine focus on 16 and 18 strains. The best choice for developing new vaccine is covering 31 and 45 strains. Those two strains will fill the blanks with HPV vaccine markets and gain benefit faster than developing other strains vaccine.