The Life of a Final Year College Student

I am in my final year of schooling ever. After I graduate from Oregon State University with my bachelors of science in computer science and a minor in business, I will not be going to school ever again. At least that is the plan for now. Maybe at sometime in the future I will find some new interest and decide to go through the pain of school again. However, at this point in time more school sounds terrible. I am very excited to be done paying to work. I would much rather be done with school and get paid to work a job.

Being a full time student is weird, because you are working 40 plus hour weeks and having to pay to do it. For me I do not enjoy school and most of the time it is pure agony while studying or doing homework. So the thought of graduating and being able to go live life, working a job that I have an interest in, sounds amazing. Another strange feeling of being a full time student is that I am not progressing in life. I know that I am working towards getting a degree, but it does not feel like I am actually progressing towards anything. When I graduate, I am going to have to start at the bottom learning a job and progressing in a career. I feel like while in school I am not progressing towards any of that. Although, I am, it is just a weird thought or feeling.

I find that most of my time is spent thinking about how much schoolwork I have, and not actually getting any of it done. It is probably that I feel overwhelmed while staring at everything I have to do on my screen. Then if I get distracted, it takes me a while to get refocused on what I was studying. It turns work that should take me 4 hours into work that takes all day.

I drink a lot of coffee and yet I am somehow always still tired. It is probably due to my terrible sleep schedule. Somedays I get my 8 hours of sleep, but it is not at the same time everyday so my body cannot get into a good rhythm. There are a lot of nights where I just lay in bed restless. Which is probably due to the anxiety and stress of school. So even when I try to be on a good sleep schedule, I am not always able to fall asleep. Even when I do fall asleep, I will often wake up a lot through the night. Which that does not help my tiredness throughout the day.

Having friends around constantly keeps me sane. The pressures of school and not having money, because all of it goes to school wears down on me. Friends are always able to take my mind off of school and allow me to have fun.

Basically my life, at least right now, consists of school and hanging out with friends when I am not working on school. It is a pretty boring life. However at the end of the school year, I should hopefully have a piece of paper that validates me to work in certain careers shall I want to.

Thanks for tuning into this week’s blog.

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