Physical Activity Throughout My Life

When it comes to physical activity for me, I have always stayed consistently doing something. Whether I am on a sports team or just going out mountain biking, I have always had at least one hobby that keeps me physically active. I see it as a necessity to stay healthy and maintain a good life. Although, even if that is not how I saw it I would probably still be doing some of these things just because they are what I enjoy.

In my younger years I was constantly outside playing basketball, riding bikes, or running around with neighbors. I always had a sibling or neighbor that was down to do something, like play some game of tag variation or whatever. Then I became old enough to start playing sports.

The first sports I played were tball and soccer. I enjoyed those a lot. Then eventually I moved up in the ranks to pitching machine baseball and was no longer hitting off of a tee. I started playing on a basketball team. At this point in time, I now have all seasons covered with a sport. Soccer in the fall, basketball in the winter, and baseball in the spring. Then a little bit of all of those in the summer. That is when sports started to become serious and started to take over my life. From then on all the way up to high school, I played at least 3 different sports every year. Between school and sports I always stayed pretty busy. Those years are just a blur of sports, I honestly did not do much else.

Then when I got into high school my attitude started changing towards sports. I started to not enjoy them as much. I was so worn out. The only thing I enjoyed doing was working out, but not actually playing sports. Freshman year I played football, basketball, and golf. However, after that for the next three years I only played football. I did not necessarily enjoy football, it was just something to do. It was also nice to see how my hard work in the weight room translated to performance on the field. Once high school ended that was the end of team sports for me.

Now I get my physical activity through mostly outdoor activities such as skiing, mountain biking, hiking, and related activities. Other than those I also weightlift and run occasionally. I have a passion for things like skiing and mountain biking. Between the two, you can do them year round. They keep you healthy and in shape. Most of all, they are just fun. When studying gets tough on the mind, then going on a ride will take your mind off of school and allow for a refresh of the brain.

Always doing some sort of physical activity has helped me to stay healthy and have fun. It is a big part of my life, whether it is a team sport or outdoor activity.

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