Interest in Computer Science

My interest in computer science is probably a lot different than most people in my program. I am paying money to study computer science; yet I hate almost everything I have done in my four years in the program.

It is a very weird place I am in right now. I should have an interest in the field that I am dedicating four years of my time and money to, although I do not. I find nothing about it enjoyable or rewarding. The only thing keeping me going is that I have poured so much time and money into it. I am almost done, and in the end the only thing that matters is that I get a degree. Then I will have more options for careers in the future.

The thing I dislike about it the most is the coding, and that is the biggest part of the field. Software development is just in no way enjoyable and there is no way I can see myself doing any of it when I graduate with my degree in computer science.

When doing research on careers that require the knowledge of a computer science major, but do not require you to anything with code, I found a couple options. The first thing I found is a technical marketing engineer. It sounds very interesting as you work with the marketing team, but you have knowledge of software in order to communicate between the engineering team and then translate for the customer. I have some interest in marketing and so that could be a viable option for me. Another option I found is a UX designer. They focus on making sure the user will have a quality experience with the product. It is a little bit on the creative side, and I have always had some interest in more of a creative career. It is not just designing the interface, but also researching the customer and being able to deliver a product that will be just right for the target audience.

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