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Hello. Welcome back to the blog. This week I am focusing on finding a job or internship for after spring of 2022.

The reason I am applying for jobs and internships that have a start date of spring or later, is because that is when I graduate. I would prefer not to have an internship during the school year, as that would be too much of a workload. I am more heavily looking at getting a job as that would be ideal, however if the right internship opportunity becomes available and I do not have any great job offers then I will take it.

I am very interested in a job that relates to space travel. It fascinates me and a career in helping push mankind further would be cool. Working for a company like SpaceX or working for NASA would be a great way to go. I also like autonomous machines and futuristic type technologies. Applying for positions with Tesla or other companies that are pushing for life changing technologies is what I have been focusing on. Also companies that are making computer systems better such as Intel and NVIDIA.

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I just applied to Amazon as you never know what kind of things they will get into in the future. Right now, they are doing some cool stuff. However, my guess is they are going to keep expanding into even more markets. Then eventually branching off into some futuristic technologies. I made it to the third round of interviews for a software engineer position.

Overall, it does not matter too much which tech company I work for as long as I am expanding my skills and experience. Then after gaining experience I can move to a different company and keep bouncing around until I find something to stick with.

Thanks for tuning into this weeks blog! Catch you next week!

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