Introduction To My Life

Hi everyone. My name is Benji Davidson. This is the first post of many. I will be documenting my journey throughout the capstone course at Oregon State University. I will give y’all a glimpse into my life below.

I first got into computers through my dad. He is a software engineer and always had new technology in our house. Throughout the years, he would try to find fun ways to teach my siblings and I how to code. There were a few basic coding interfaces that I found fun. However, any sort of real coding was always hard for me to sit down and learn. It was not until I got into college that I started taking coding seriously. I am currently a full time student. I was an on-campus student, but just this year I switched to e-campus. In the future, I want to get into tech sales and then eventually into a management position. I like sales and combining that with my computer experience, I figured tech sales would be worth trying out. If I find that I don’t like it, I can always find a software engineering position. I also want to start a product-based company of my own. I am not sure what product yet. I like the idea of creating a product in the outdoor industry, such as a mountain biking accessory. As far as technology goes, I have interest in autonomous technologies and space exploration. In the future, working for NASA, SpaceX, or Tesla would be really cool. I am in my final year at Oregon State. I am excited to graduate and start my career. I enjoy fitness, mountain biking, fishing, and hiking. I spend a lot of time outside. It is nice to have that balance between being inside on the computer and going outside to take a break from everything.

I am excited for this course and my final year at Oregon State. It will be interesting to develop a more complex project than I am used to. I have only worked on small projects in the past. I appreciate you taking the time to read my first blog post! Until next week… bye.

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