Is My Money Not Green One of the things that I like to think is that I am ok at is choosing what companies to shop at. I think that people often talk a big talk in the age of “cancel culture” but will refuse to back it up with action, the best way for… Continue reading Discrimination

Friend of a Friend

Always Read the Discription The last job that I applied for what I thought was an entry-level hr position at a local brewery that is relatively close to my hometown. Nothing about my process was normal and it all started with one of my friends recommended me to one of their friends who knew the… Continue reading Friend of a Friend

Recruitment is Expensive

Why Pay For S&R When we look at business it is important to remember that everything has a cost associated with it and that when budgets are getting created the money is going to go towards parties that are directly bringing in money. Another example of a cost that frequently gets overlooked, but has a… Continue reading Recruitment is Expensive

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