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Be Orange Be Diverse

Posted March 20th, 2014 by rotha

Alex Roth
PHL 205
Be Orange Be Diverse

Being Orange to me is to be diverse, this campus is full of people from different countries, different religions, and overall different experiences that they bring into this giant mixing pot we call the Oregon State campus. Diversity is the core value that I can represent being Orange with because it represents everyone’s distinct paths and experiences at Oregon State. There is everything from being an apparel design major and being a part of some of the spring and summer plays put on to being an engineer and traveling to Las Vegas to compete in a competition. It seems that there is a million different ways to walk through this campus before you graduate and every way seems to point to a different experience this is why I choose Diversity as the core value of being Orange.
Diversity also is shown through actions that clubs and organizations participate in to make both a difference for our campus and for those outside of our campus. The actions that happen on campus cause for a changing and progressing life for the students of Oregon State. Our mixing pot of diversity brings people from all walks that believe in different causes and when their ideas are implemented it causes all aspects of campus from student government, athletics, to recycling to see change. This sparks imagination and excitement about learning if our campus was static, non-progressing, would anything get done?
Outside of our own campus people make change and we like to call this being orange. This is also a sign of diversity best way to explain it is the diffusion of liberal culture. Some do this by helping out our local community outreach and some by going on service trips through clubs on the Oregon state campus. To diffuse liberal culture is to accept, engage in, and see other cultures this can be done on a local scale by participating with the marching band to going overseas and immersing yourself in a different culture all together. This helps tailor our campus to come together and accept that diversity is the building block on which we build this campus.
In the end I believe that diversity is what has brought us so far and how we define being orange is to be diverse and live a well-rounded life going our part in being orange through what your passionate about. Be Orange Be Diverse is how I see our campus because it explains the constant changes in social norms and the progressing of our campus and the people that are a part of our campus. It really is one big mixing pot and I’m excited to see what other changes, achievements, and innovation it can create for future generations.

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One Response to “Be Orange Be Diverse”

  1. bulloccl Says:

    I am glad you appreciate the diversity that you find here on the campus. I think that you should share this with your friends so that we can all be a little more open to people and things that are different than we are use too.

    I hope that you can leave a lasting impression on the world form the skills that you have gained from a diverse education.

    I would have like to see you expand and see what else you think it means to “Be Orange”. There has to be more than diversity.

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