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Be Respect. Be Orange

Posted December 16th, 2013 by courys

Submitted by Stevie Coury

As we were sitting in class one day, we all realized who walked in the door. It was benny the beaver, the schools mascot. We brought benny in class to talk about what it means to be orange. Everyone is going to have a different opinion about this because there is no right or wrong, it really is what you think. The things I most remember coming up were integrity, responsibility, caring, and respect. Those four to me stood out the most and really made me think what it means to be orange. The one I chose in class and shared was respect. No matter where you go around this campus or whom you meet, I feel like there is respect. I will talk about of few of these and tell you how they fit to being orange.

I believe the most important one to me is respect. Like I said above, that’s what first came to my mind when asked about being orange. I feel like everywhere you go on campus people respect you and where you came from. I don’t feel like there is any discrimination in this college. If you notice, we have a lot of foreign people, and I’m friends with even a couple, and I don’t feel any different then they do. Respect is something that is not always easy to find. I have had cousins visit here and they can’t get over the fact of how nice people are here when they come visit. They said they have been to other college’s campus, same with me, and it isn’t the same as it is here at OSU. From the bus drivers, to the teachers, to the people who work in the MU I feel like OSU is a community that respects one another.  The next value I am going to talk about is caring. Here at OSU caring is a big value of our everyday life. Students have to care about their grades everyday in order to get good grades, and care about their surroundings. We are all here to get the best education we can, so you need to care about your grades and if you don’t your in the wrong place. Also I feel here at OSU you care about your surroundings. Nobody knows everyone on campus, but I bet mostly everyone cares enough about this school and environment we live in to do things for other people even if that is picking up their lunch trash. I have been to the OSU dinning halls and seen that happen before which is clear to me that people care about one another. The last value I will talk about is responsibility. Responsibility can be looked at in many different ways. You have your responsibility as a student in the classroom and whatever you do outside the classroom. No one is going to tell you what to do each day, you have to pick your pathways and decide if it is right or if it is wrong. College is about maturity and responsibility, and this is a big thing at OSU because of the great community we have surrounding us.

In conclusion, being orange can mean a million different things. There is no right answer or wrong answer. I truly believe what we have here at OSU is special and not found just anywhere. Respect is my biggest belief of what is truly means to be orange. Everywhere you go on campus or around the campus you feel respected and like you’re apart of something bigger then just going to school here. I believe that is a big part of why OSU is such a successful school and a great place to be.

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