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Be Respectful, Be Orange

Posted December 13th, 2013 by foleyp

Submitted By: Patrick Foley
Be Orange
Being orange can be classified into a lot of different categories and will be different from person to person. In general I think it means how you would want to be classified as a person graduating from Oregon State University, meaning what are your values, education and career goals, and how you interacted and contributed to the campus community.
I believe that everyone is different in what they want people to think about them. If someone doesn’t care what other people think then that person would most likely not be very friendly, but they could still have good values. But for me I have high values which I think can rub off onto other people. I try to be very respectful and nice to everyone I meet, hold the door open for people, try to start conversation with kids in my classes, the list goes on and on. I feel like if everyone was to try and do one of these things then the campus as a whole would be a nice place to be, just like it is. This could tie into utilitarianism, see everyone as equal and do an act that produces more pleasure than pain. Also we can relate to Kant’s universal law theory which states to act in a way that you would want people to act towards you, basically the same thing as the golden rule we learned when we were young.
Being orange can is something that people should want to associate with their career goals. If you wanted to get a job and the employer knew you graduated from Oregon State then you would want him to associate you with a school that has a good reputation. Having a good reputation starts with the students and how they act which ties back into Kant’s universal law. Being orange can also tie into your educational goals. For instance you couldn’t really have a successful time in school if everyone was rude to you or you weren’t having fun. The University has a reputation to uphold and all the professors play just as big of role in it as the students do, so if you want to get the most out of your education then having the professors try and teach in a way will benefit the students the most. But in order to do so the students have to want to learn and be respectful towards the professors which is a definition of good, act in a way that produces more pleasure than pain.
All the points stated above on how to be orange contribute to the OSU community are dependent on how engaging students are. This can be done in a lot of different ways, for instance the increasing diversity at schools in across the country can be a good thing because it gives the opportunity for students to learn about different cultures and become friends with those other kids. There are also lots of different clubs that students can join to help with different things around campus. For instance all the art and posters around campus different student organizations are in charge of all of it. This can also help tie in with future careers, it can demonstrate to employers your leadership and organizational skills while maintaining the ability to carry out important tasks.
I think there is a variety of different ways to get being orange across. It can’t simply just be implanted in one day, it has to be done in many steps and can take a long time but it all has to start with each person wanting to be orange and to do what they feel would benefit the OSU community as a whole.
In conclusion I would like being orange to mean a wide range of things. The most important though is for each individual to be able to express good character traits, like being respectful. I would also like for the school to have a good reputation with people that didn’t attend, for instance future employers. I would want them to believe that OSU is a credible school that had lots of good people that showed me how to work hard and gave me the knowledge required to work there. I also think it means doing things out of your comfort zone like engaging with people from other countries and even different ethnicity. If we get a majority of the school acting in this manner or even a similar one it would be even more enjoyable then it already is, and it would give the school an even better reputation.

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