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Be Orange blogpost instructions for PHL 205-002 Fall 2012

Posted December 5th, 2013 by Stephanie Jenkins

It’s that time of the year!

PHL 205 students: Here are the instructions for your assignment!



Be Good. Be Orange.

Your assignment: Demonstrate your ability to use your ethics skills (as defined in syllabus and class) to answer the question: “What does it mean for you to Be Orange?”

Skills being assessed:

  • Compassion (for self & others)
  • Moral imagination
  • Ethics spotting
  • Epistemic accountability (remember: accountable ignorance, appropriate use of evidence, proper citation, etc.)
  • Value Communication
  • Evaluation & Argumentation
  • Engagement

Successfully completing this assignment will require:

  •  Identifying existing definitions of “Orange” as a value (e.g. OSU Strategic Plan, University marketing and news materials, OSU logo, etc.)
  • Clarifying and communicating your own values and educational goals within the context of the OSU community (What do you want orange to mean?)
  • Determining and using the most “effective” format/method for communicating your value message (consider: style, media, format, etc.)
  • Demonstrating “engagement” and action skills. One possibility: revisit other ethics “actions” or “interventions” discussed in class and your “OSU Report Card assignment”



Audience: your professor (remember course goals!) and blog readers

Objective: Provide student accounts of the value of “Being Orange” for the purpose of refashioning higher education (e.g. PHL 205 as back core requirement)

Format: Reflective blog entry on Be Orange website (*approximately* 3 pages).  Other formats welcomed but must be cleared with professor.

Assessment: Creative Thinking Values rubric (see course syllabus) and in-class checklist (12/5)

Deadline: 12/13/13 by 5pm


Posting Instructions (MAKE SURE TO READ THIS!)

1. Login with ONID information: Be Orange.  Start a new post (using dashboard on left side of page).

2. Title post as: “Be [your value]. Be Orange.”

3. First line of post should be: “Submitted by [your name]”

4. Include text in box provided.  You may save and edit prior to submission.  Insert media and links, as appropriate.

5. Tag post by clicking “begood” category (in right side box)

6. Add three “tags” to identify your post, using the box on the right side of the submission page.  One of your tags must be the value identified in your post title.


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