DURM January Newsletter- Coronavirus Disease Vaccine Update

Many of our faculty are aiding in the COVID-19 pandemic efforts and we will be featuring more stories in upcoming newsletters and on the BeaveRx News Blog. The OSU College of Pharmacy Drug Use Research and Management (DURM) group has published their January Newsletter titled, “Coronavirus Disease Vaccine Update”. The Oregon Drug Review monthly newsletter is published by the OSU College of Pharmacy DURM group on behalf of the Oregon Health Authority. The newsletters provide drug utilization reviews, drug and therapeutic guideline reviews, and cost-effective prescribing recommendations to Medicaid providers and pharmacies throughout Oregon. Each newsletter is offered in PDF format for viewing and printing. You can view the newsletters at the link below. 

DURM also published a Coronavirus Management Resource including resources for clinical trials, clinical recommendations, and government response. Join the DURM Newsletter listserv to keep up to date with the latest information. 

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