2018 Women in Pharmacy Luncheon

Women in Pharmacy Luncheon

The 5th annual OSU College of Pharmacy Women in Pharmacy Luncheon on Friday May 11th 2018 at our Collaborative Life Sciences Building in Portland was a fantastic gathering of our Women alumni and friends of the College. This has been a major year of reflection as 2018 marks the 150th anniversary of Oregon State University. The OSU College of Pharmacy and our alumni have contributed largely to the overall legacy and success of the institution and our Women in Pharmacy group have been among our many great contributions.

At this year’s luncheon guests shared stories and offered inspiring words of encouragement to the students in attendance. Susan Poole (’69) Women in Pharmacy Chair, and Paige Clark (’85) Director of Alumni Relations & Professional Development presented a brief history of Women in Pharmacy and reflected on the organization’s past and future initiatives.

Paige Clark (’85) welcomes OSU College of Pharmacy Alumni and Friends to the 5th annual
OSU Women in Pharmacy Luncheon
In a discussion led by current student Samantha Vosika (‘21) the group explored the potential for creating resources to increase access to appropriate professional clothing for students building their professional closet. Samantha, who is a first year pharmacy student, shared a personal story explaining that the need for this resource is common among first and second year students who were neither mentored or prepared to know how to dress appropriately for job interviews or for a professional workplace. She requested assistance from Women in Pharmacy to help address these problems. Sharon Rask (’88) recommended a partnership with Oregon Dress for Success and offered to lead the initiative with Samantha. Other resources were suggested including a potential OSU Women’s Giving Circle grant application. If you are interested in learning more about how you can help mentor students, increase access to professional attire and support student success in employment, please contact Paige Clark (‘85) at
Thank you to our student volunteers (left to right) Rachel Proteau (’20), Cassandra Vielma (’20),
Mireille Rygnestad (’18), Chitra Kanchagar (’20) & Samantha Vosika (’21)
The final presentation from Olena Taratula PhD, Research Assistant Professor of Pharmaceutics at OSU College of Pharmacy offered an overview of the Taratula Lab’s research into their use of fluorescent nanoparticles in cancer imaging. Following the presentation Dr. Taratula led an optional tour of the building and lab spaces providing some guests with a whole new perspective on research and a deeper understanding of the incredible work being led by researchers within the OSU/OHSU College of Pharmacy.

As we look forward to graduating the 120th class of OSU College of Pharmacy graduates on Friday, June 15th, 2018 we are also looking ahead to the culmination of the OSU 150 celebrations at Homecoming on Saturday Oct. 20th, 2018. We hope that you will consider joining us for both of these monumental milestones in OSU history. This year’s 10, 20, 30, 40 and 50 year class reunions, which take place during Homecoming, will honor the years of the 8’s. If this is your reunion year and you would like to help us encourage your class’s attendance please contact Paige Clark (‘85) at Thank you again to all who joined us at the 5th annual Women in Pharmacy Luncheon and we look forward to continued engagement with this inspiring group of alumni.