2018 Icons of Pharmacy

2018 OSU Icons of Pharmacy Award Recipients with Dean Mark Zabriskie, Sara Deines (’08),
Mike Kinard (’78), Cydreese Aebi (’80), Ken Wells (’72), and Alumni Director Page Clark (’85)

2018 Icons of Pharmacy

On the evening of May 12th 2018, Oregon State University College of Pharmacy alumni and friends gathered at the Riverplace Hotel Marina Ballroom in Downtown Portland to honor the recipients of the 2018 Icons of Pharmacy Award including Cydreese Aebi (’80), Ken Wells (’72), and Mike Kinard (’78), who have each greatly impacted the pharmacy profession. Recognition as an Oregon State University Icon of Pharmacy and induction into the Pharmacy Hall of Fame is an honor reserved for those who have demonstrated dedication to the College of Pharmacy and distinguished themselves through sustained, meritorious contributions to pharmacy throughout their careers. Also recognized was the 2018 Outstanding Young Alumni Sarah Deines (’08).

Cydreese Aebi (’80) 2018 Icon of Pharmacy
Cydreese Aebi (’80)
Committed to her work in hospital pharmacy and pharmacy education, Dr. Aebi has spent over thirty years dedicated to the psychiatric pharmacy specialty. Pursuing her interest for psychiatric pharmacy, she has been an innovator and a leader in mental health pharmacy in Oregon. Combining her passion for teaching with her experience as a mental health pharmacist, Cydreese can be credited with leading pharmacy students to pursue careers in psychiatric pharmacy.

As Clinical Pharmacy Manager, Cydreese has been deeply involved in building an outstanding reputation for the pharmacists at the Oregon State Hospital in Salem, OR. The pharmacy department soon became a valued team providing recommendations, running clinics, routinely ordering labs, and meeting directly with medical staff to go over patient charts. Additionally, Cydreese became a member in the hospital’s education department and is considered a respected specialist in her field.

A trailblazer in her own right, Cydreese demonstrates a strong willingness to help those who come after her. Not only has she taught in her specialized field for Oregon State University, OHSU, Portland Community College, and more, but she developed the PGY-1 Psychiatric Pharmacy Residency Program and is currently the Pharmacy Residency Director at the Oregon State Hospital. Cydreese has taken the clinical program she built and, in sharing that knowledge as a preceptor to many students, has impacted their understanding and their appreciation for psychiatric pharmacy which has had far-reaching impacts in our profession and state.

Ken Wells (’72) 2018 Icon of Pharmacy
Ken Wells (’72)
Over the course of his career, Kenneth Wells showcased continuous and meaningful engagement in the pharmacy profession. Ken was elected president of the Oregon State Pharmacist Association (OSPA) and then was appointed to the Oregon Board of Pharmacy (OBOP). As members cannot hold both positions, he resigned at OSPA to take the OBOP appointment. While serving as a member of the Oregon Board of Pharmacy, he was engaged in the Patient Safety Task Force, and in defining roles of technicians. He has always chosen to spend time and energy in support of the profession, patient safety, and patient-focused legislation. Ken served as president of the Board of Pharmacy in 2012-2013 and 2014-2015.

Ken started his career at Pay Less Drug Stores NW in Medford, OR. After leaving as District Pharmacy Manager in 1997, he became the Regional Pharmacy Manager for Safeway Inc., Portland Division, prior to becoming the Corporate Business Development Manager of online Continuing Education courses for Apollidon Learning at OSU in 2013, then for OSU PACE in 2016. Ken is credited for developing many managers and leaders in pharmacy. His dedication to leadership over many years makes him an iconic professional.

For Ken and his wife, Debbie, family is number one. He worked long hours and gave back to his community, all before going home to be with family. It was due to his consistent engagement, meaningful support, and willingness to serve when called that the Prescription Drug Monitoring Bill ultimately passed in Oregon.

Mike Kinard (’78) 2018 Icon of Pharmacy
Mike Kinard (’78)
A leader in healthcare in the Northwest for over 40 years, Mike Kinard has advocated for the integration of pharmacy services into patient-centered healthcare. His career with Kaiser Permanente started in 1984 and since then, he’s worked with the Permanente medical staff to integrate pharmacy services, improving professional capabilities for all pharmacists and technicians. Mike led an initiative to build and adapt the automated refill center to pharmacy practice, the first of its kind in Kaiser Permanente. He also worked closely with fellow Icon of Pharmacy, Nancy Louie Lee (’79), to demonstrate productivity and clinical outcomes to legitimize these services and to improve health outcomes for patients.

After receiving his B.S. in Pharmacy from Oregon State University, Mike went on to pursue his M.S. in Pharmacy Administration from Purdue University before joining Kaiser Permanente in the Outpatient Pharmacy. While Director of Pharmacy for the Kaiser Permanente Northwest Region, he and Nancy worked with the Physician Chair of the Formulary Therapeutics Committee to eliminate Pharma influence from the entire Northwest Region Healthcare operation.

Kaiser Permanente is one of the largest employers of OSU College of Pharmacy students in the state. They have worked hard to provide quality students with opportunities for meaningful, fulfilling, and challenging careers. Working with another fellow Icon of Pharmacy, Steve Logan (’80), Nancy, and others, Mike and team sought to make Kaiser Permanente the employer of choice for pharmacists and other health professionals.

After a 31-year career, Mike retired in 2015 as the Vice President for Ambulatory Care Services for Kaiser Permanente Northwest Region. The greater profession has benefitted from the fact that he had that vision and determination to improve the patient-focus and insure the value of pharmacy services, which truly speaks to the iconic nature of his professional life.

Sarah Deines (’08) 2018 Outstanding Young Alumni Award Recipient 
Sarah Deines (’08)
Sarah Deines became the first Clinical Pharmacist for Virginia Garcia Memorial Health Center following residency and was recognized as transformative for the pharmacy profession. Sarah’s solid foundation of quality awareness and practical application made her an invaluable resource. Since starting at Virginia Garcia as a Clinical Pharmacist, she exceled and has now transitioned to her current position, Director of Quality. The work she’s doing to support safe and effective medication use has given her the opportunity to see quality of care globally. She interfaces with partners across the organization to provide the highest quality of care to their patients. Within her professional accomplishments, Sarah has done an outstanding job in building forth pharmacy services to a magnitude that has been influential, and has stepped beyond pharmacy to head quality assurance for the entire organization.

Sarah met fellow Outstanding Young Alum, Kristy Butler (‘96), during pharmacy school and looked to her as a mentor. After graduation, Sarah pursued a residency at Legacy Health System in Portland under Michelle Murray (‘85), an experienced mentor who influenced her early career. She also describes Virginia Garcia Pharmacy Director, Christine Hicks, as a true inspiration and visionary for pharmacy practice. Sarah resides on a farm near Newberg, OR with her 4-year-old twins, Geneva and Spencer, and her husband, Jeremiah.

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