2016 Icons of Pharmacy

On the evening of May 7th, 2016, the Oregon State University College of Pharmacy alumni and friends gathered at Portland City Grill to honor the recipients of the 2016 Icons of Pharmacy Award including Cathy Lew (’83) and Kim Brouwer (‘78) and Steve Logan (‘80), who have each greatly affected the way pharmacists practice.

Recognition as an Oregon State University Icon of Pharmacy and induction into the Pharmacy Hall of Fame is an honor reserved for those who have demonstrated dedication to the College of Pharmacy and distinguished themselves through sustained, meritorious contributions to pharmacy throughout their careers.

Cathy Lew (’83)

Throughout her career, Cathy Lew has served as a pioneer in the pharmacy profession. Among the first satellite pharmacists in the ICU, Cathy worked interprofessionally alongside physicians and clinical staff to provide rapid attention to patients. She has always been at the leading edge in clinical practice, helping lead the way for pharmacists in ambulatory care settings and as a frontrunner in home infusion care. Her dedication to advancing the profession within the realm of patient care has earned her the recognition as a true Icon of Pharmacy.

A 1983 graduate of OSU College of Pharmacy, she was inspired to pursue a career in pharmacy by her aunts, both pharmacists. Cathy now serves as a clinical pharmacist for Sacred Heart Home Infusion in Eugene. Over the years she has worked in hospital, community, university and ambulatory settings, always serving in a cutting edge clinical capacity. Her current role at Home Care Services includes compassionately serving patients in Hospice, Home Health and Infusion Services—a patient centered and family focused practice.

Cathy’s leadership and tenacity in tackling challenging issues such as the Prescription Drug Monitoring Program and putting pseudoephedrine behind the counter, has encouraged other states to follow in Oregon’s footsteps. Cathy’s work with Sacred Heart Hospital led her to develop relationships with key pharmacists whose support led to Gov. Kitzhaber appointing her to the Oregon Board of Pharmacy in 2001 where she served two terms. In 2007 she was elected to the National Association of Boards of Pharmacy (NABP) Executive Committee, representing District 7 until 2012. Cathy has been active on several Research Councils with the Oregon Board of Pharmacy including the Patient Safety, Certification and Licensing of Pharmacy Technicians, USP 797 Sterile Compounding, and continues to be active on National Task Force issues and committees. Without her continual efforts, the pharmacy profession would not have moved at the cadence it has at the local, regional, and national levels.

Kim Brouwer (’78)

Brouwer.KimKim Brouwer (’78) always had a strong interest in mathematics and science. She followed in her father’s footsteps to attend Oregon State University where she decided to pursue a degree in pharmacy. Inspired by great OSU College of Pharmacy faculty, she developed an interest in pharmacokinetics and an academic career.

Under the tutelage of Dr. Jim Ayres, Kim was introduced to Pharmacokinetics and developed a strong interest in research. Kim did an undergraduate research project with Dr. Keith Parrot where she learned of the importance of clinical pharmacy research. Aiming to bridge the gap between pharmacy practice and the basic sciences, she went on to earn her Pharm.D. and Ph.D. from the University of Kentucky, complete a 3-year pharmacy residency, and a 3-year postdoctoral fellowship.

In 1986 Kim joined the faculty at the University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill. Today she is the Associate Dean for Research and Graduate Education at UNC Eshelman School of Pharmacy. During her years at UNC, Kim has helped make many advances in the world of pharmacokinetic research. One of her outstanding accomplishments is being awarded National Institutes of Health (NIH) funding for her research program in hepatic disposition for 25 years and counting! With NIH funding, Kim co-invented the B-CLEAR® method—a patented in vitro hepatocyte system to assess hepatic uptake and biliary excretion, used in drug delivery. She is the co-founder of Qualyst Transporter Solutions, a UNC spin off company that uses B-CLEAR® technology in a commercialized setting to provide safer medications to patients.

Kim has received many honors and awards, including recognition as an AAPS Fellow (1998), William R. Kenan, Jr., Distinguished Professor (2009-2016), and OSU Alumni Fellow (2010). Outside of her work, Kim is a proud wife and mother. She enjoys music and playing the piano as well as gardening, hiking, and skiing.

Steve Logan (’80)

Logan_SteveSteve grew up in Gresham, Oregon where he attended Reynolds High School. He attended Mt. Hood Community College and Washington State University before transferring to his father’s alma mater where he began his studies in Pharmacy at Oregon State University, graduating with the class of 1980.

Steve began his career at Kaiser Permanente as a Staff Pharmacist at Kaiser Sunnyside Medical Center after working in several hospitals in the Portland area. Over his long and distinguished career, Steve has also served as Pharmacy Supervisor, Location Director, Area Pharmacy Manager, Pharmacy Director, and Regional Director at Kaiser.

As Executive Director of Pharmacy Services with Kaiser Foundation Health Plan of the Northwest, Steve has led the charge in achieving Medicare 5 star rating for the past four consecutive years. Other achievements include JD Powers Top 10 for customer service in the ambulatory setting (10’-11’), and JD Powers Top National Rating in customer service for Mail Order service (09’-11’). A common theme throughout Steve’s career is an emphasis on providing excellent customer service to members of the Kaiser health system. Among his achievements, Steve is most proud of the opportunities he has had to mentor young professionals and students. Steve’s passion to make a difference has earned him recognition as a leader in the industry. As one colleague has stated, “he is the best boss I’ve ever had.”

Steve lives in Gresham with his wife Sally, who is also a 1980 graduate from OSU College of Pharmacy. Steve is a member of the American Society of Health Systems Pharmacists and the American Pharmacists Association.