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Focused and Dedicated P4 Student Glarih Yazdi Morgan Travels the Road to Success

Life is a series of twists and turns.  The key is to take each step in stride and be willing to go wherever the road leads.  Glarih Yazdi Morgan, a fourth year pharmacy student, has learned first hand about the challenges of being a wife and mother working towards the goal of becoming a successful pharmacist.

Glarih met her husband, Jamie, while attending medical school in Austin, Texas.  At the time, Jaime was an OB/GYN resident in Galveston.  In 2008, Hurricane Ike tore through the Gulf of Mexico causing Glarih’s school to shut down temporarily.  Her real dream was to become a pharmacist, so when the medical school shut down she decided to follow her dream and not return when it reopened.

After Jamie completed his residency, the couple moved to Eugene to be closer to Jamie’s father.  Glarih applied to OSU College of Pharmacy and Jaime opened a private practice in Eugene.  When Glarih began attending classes in Corvallis, she made the long commute to Corvallis everyday.  In order to help care for their daughter, Soraya, Glarih’s mother would fly in from Texas to stay with the family for long periods of time.

When it came time for Glarih to transition to the Portland campus for her third year of school, the family decided to move.  Jamie closed his practice in Eugene and began searching for a new job.  He applied to be a hospitalist and faculty member at the University of Washington in Seattle.  He now flies from Portland to Seattle very early every Friday morning.  He works two 24-hour shifts in three days starting Friday morning.  On Monday morning, he sleeps on the train back to Portland and arrives just in time to pick up Soraya from French Immersion School.

After Morgan graduates from the College of Pharmacy, she hopes her family can return to Texas or move to Seattle.  She is interested in Community Pharmacy or Outpatient Pharmacy.  Mostly, she looks forward to the day when she and her husband can both work in the same city they reside in.  Glarih says, “It isn’t hard.  We just do what we have to do.”