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Breakin’ Down the MU 3


January 31 marked the 3rd annual Breakin’ Down the MU. Sponsored by the College of Pharmacy’s Entrepreneurial Academy, students provide a health fair for attendees followed be a breakdance competition. The event continues to grow as break dancers from all over the northwest and California travel to Corvallis to compete at this event.
The event slogan, “Dancing Towards Personal Health,” encourages attendees to take charge of their health and get active.  The health fair, planned and implemented entirely by pharmacy students, provides immunizations, blood pressure and glucose screenings, and an abundance of information on how to live a healthy lifestyle.  Food@OSU and the dietetics club brought their “smoothie bike” to the event. Participants got active and used leg power to fuel a blender and make a smoothie!

If you weren’t one of the 300+ attendees at this year’s Breakin’ Down the MU, make sure to keep an eye out for Breakin’ Down the MU IV in January 2015!