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Benton Homeless Connect Health Fair

On Friday March 11th OSU College of Pharmacy students participated in the Benton Homeless Connect Health Fair at the First United Methodist Church in Corvallis. Students handed out new pairs of socks as well as other foot care supplies such as toenail clippers and band aides.

Students also counseled homeless attendees on proper foot hygiene and how to treat and prevent various foot disorders. Over 100 pairs of new socks were collected in the weeks preceding the event. All those left over were donated to the local homeless community center. The new OTC Committee donated over-the-counter foot care products and created educational handouts that covered multiple foot care topics. Over 50 members of the homeless community received new socks and foot care supplies.

About a dozen had their feet examined and were provided with OTC products to treat their condition. Thank you to everyone who donated socks and supplies. And a special thanks to those students who volunteered their time and to Dr. Stacy Ramirez for precepting the event.