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Announcing the 2011 Icons of Pharmacy

Congratulations to the following alumni and friends of the college who will be recognized at a reception on May 7, 2011 for their outstanding achievement and commitment to the College of Pharmacy and profession.

Freya Hermann:  Freya Hermann paved the way for women as faculty at OSU College of Pharmacy and has also served as OSHP president.  A fervent advocate for pharmacists as drug information specialists, she was on the front line as the ‘new’ perspective of patient education was incorporated into pharmacy curricula.

Marvin Prince:  Marv Prince has long been recognized by students and colleagues as the consummate clinical practitioner and educator; and a true ‘gentle’man.  After briefly serving on the OSU College of Pharmacy staff in the 1970’s, he relocated to Klamath Falls and has led the implementation of clinical pharmacy services in rural Oregon.

Bob Adams:  Bob Adams was recently named First Citizen of Lebanon; an appropriate pairing to his earlier receipt of the Bowl of Hygeia.  A widely respected a preceptor and practitioner, he turned his attention to the expansion of healthcare services in rural Oregon, including service as the first chairperson of the Samaritan Foundation Board, following retirement from independent pharmacy practice.

Vince Whiting:  Vince Whiting notes that he was with Glaxo, before it was Glaxo.  He is the model for partnerships between the pharmaceutical industry and pharmacy professional associations.  An ever present advocate for the profession, he has significantly impacted Oregon pharmacy with a particular emphasis on creating opportunities for professional development of pharmacy students.

More information coming in future newsletters!