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New Director of Alumni Relations Appointed

Paige Clark has been named the new Director of Alumni Relations and Professional Development for the OSU College of Pharmacy. A 1985 graduate of college, Paige has had a long-standing relationship with OSU, including working on the College of Pharmacy’s EMPOWER project for several years.

She was honored as the first recipient of the American Pharmaceutical Association’s National Merit Award for Outstanding Contribution to Pharmacy Practice. She received the Oregon Pharmacist of the Year award, and has been honored with an OSPA Director’s Award and an Oregon Pharmacist Special Service Award. Additionally, she served on APHA’s National Policy Committee. Paige has also received 3 national awards for development of patient education programs and the American Pharmaceutical Association honored her nationally as the Pharmacist of the Year in 2000.

Most recently, Paige, has been on staff at the Oregon Board of Pharmacy serving as the Pharmacist Consultant. In this position she followed issues for the board, worked with the legislature, provided research and background, and served as a resource and liaison to government, private entities and organizations. She’ll be sharing this knowledge and more at a White Box Lunch scheduled for Tuesday, October 23, from noon to one in Pharmacy 305.

On a personal note, Paige and her husband of 25 years, Jim, have a son attending Oregon State University as a freshman this year and a daughter who is a sophomore in high school.

In recent years their family activities have centered around their children’s pursuits including their daughter’s equestrian competition, musical theater, vocal and dance performances, and their son’s crew/regattas and band activities.

Because Paige and her husband were raised in Corvallis, joining the OSU College of Pharmacy faculty is an extremely comfortable professional and personal fit.

“The OSU campus and this College of Pharmacy program are home and family to me,” she says. She can recall stories about riding her pony across the MU Quad as a child and attending her pre-wedding reception teaparty on campus as a new pharmacy graduate.

“The professional program that OSU offers in pharmacy is outstanding,” she says. “I look forward to helping to further the visibility of the faculty and the college at the university level, throughout Oregon and beyond.”