Lost PO

EOU called and told me they had a PO that wasn’t showing up in any approval queues.  I checked to make sure posting was running and it was.  I found it in fobuapp but still with a status of new.  I ran forappl manually so I could see the lis file and found an error for it which said it couldn’t find a limit for the queue.  Looking for the queue id, I couldn’t find it anywhere.  The system could not route the PO to an appropriate crew.  EOU told me the user uses key strokes so fast, the various forms don’t always get a chance to complete their tasks.


Solution: I had the original user go into the form FOADOCU and deny the PO.  It has to be the original user.

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Controllers reported the form NBAFISC was giving an error:

EDIT_COAS trigger raised unhandled exception…no data found.

This error was only happening in database osba.  If you clicked on ok, the form would populate a row and bing up the error again.  Click ok, get the next row, etc.  The main part of the trigger made 2 database package calls and the results were being returned so I didn’t see how it could be the 2 packages.  Looking at the trigger closer showed a call to the package goksels to check if finance was installed.  I looked and found that goksels hadn’t compiled in osba because it required the installation of web tailor.  This is what threw the error.

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Pcard Issue

Controllers had a pcard invoice Z0001710 which didn’t post.  Investigating I found a previous pcard JV in suspense in addition to the missing invoice.  The JV didn’t post because it ran the first of the month when controllers forgot to open the fiscal period.  I found a fgrtrnr report that said Aug 1 tried to post to a period that wasn’t open.  So the fabinvt record said it never fed and it had no invoices assigned to it.  Since the fiscal period was now open, I had controllers go into FGAJVCD and re-enter the acct and tab through each field so it would resubmit and post.  It did.  Now we are waiting for tonight’s fabinvt run to see if it gets picked up and assigned an invoice.


The Z0001710 invoice was on a different JV.  The invoice table fabinvh had it as in suspense, open, unapproved, and incomplete.  Controllers could not enter a commodity description on it in FAAINVT.  I was able to query it on FAIINVE so I had controllers go into FAAINVE to put the description in.  It completed it and then I had them approve it.  Once that was done it posted

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Problem posting across to periods when backdating a JV on last day of period

Sara,  as Mike indicated, this has been around since the dawn of Banner FIS. It does not happen all that often but it does happen. Usually it is some funny navigation in the doc after the date has been changed that stops the ‘recalculating of the accounting sequences’. Often it is a doc that was sitting in approvals and the period closed and then the doc touched and sent thru with a new date.


If you are having this recur with a specific user, perhaps sitting down with that user and watching what they are doing when they change a date on a doc may help identify the cause. If you like I could have a dialog with the user that this is happening with to see if I can identify a cause and maybe a work around.


Brian is correct in that if a user has interrupted the ‘recalculating of the accounting sequences’, they do have to then ‘touch’ each sequence in the doc before recompleting it in order for each sequence to go through the edits again and be assigned the new transaction date and user ID and do its NSF checking etc. etc. . Not the most user friendly method. Another option, if you have a lot of sequences on a doc and touching each row is too time consuming, is to try and change the trans date… yet again and see if it recalculates all the sequences this time around. If it is successful, you can then recomplete and all should be fine. If it does not, then you are back to ‘touching’ each sequence.


My experience has been that this usually has made it all the way thru posting before someone notices a problem. By then it is too late. During the year we do not do anything to address it other than to recognize that it has occurred and perhaps adjust a reconciliation or something to look across periods. If it happens at fiscal year end and crosses years, then I normally get involved and actually do one sided journals to correct accordingly. Sometimes I have to hit the beginning balance bucket. Sometimes not, it just depends. Sometimes it may take more than one JV in the old or new year to fix depending on which year or years need correcting. It all depends on the scenario.


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Had a JV file from chps blow up the entire iitfeed and it had to happen naturally on the day telecom was trying to load their JV.  The logs for this aren’t always the easiest to follow with all the loops in the shell scripts.  Anyway, the process failed when trying to load the JV file into fwbiith and fwbiitd during the ecs load portion of the script.  The telecom stuff loaded into fwbiith and fwbiitd before the script failed but it just didn’t process and no new files were sent out to the institution directories.  We had trouble with this JV before so I removed the records out of the two tables and ran the iitstart.shl via the owag scheduler so the stuff would go through.  The 5th site institution side  gets processed by this but I had to notify the big schools that I ran this in the afternoon.

I believe the JV failed to load into the two tables because previous records were already in there.  I loaded the JV in the two tables manually this morning by generating a clean file with iitfeed and then loading  fwpfeed.cln with the iitfeed.ctl  I’ll see if it goes through ok in tomorrow morning’s run

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EOU Student ACH

Well, after we figured out how to do checks we found EOU wants to feed the ERFD detail code tbraccd records through the feed and process as ACH in the AP direct deposit run.  This has proved to be a challenge.  I’ll try to summarize what we’ve tried and where we’re headed.

At first we wanted to change the prefix on these records from SD to SE.  This was because EOU currently in production processes these SDs in a different way.  We found that the feed didn’t bring these records across correctly and quickly abandoned the idea.  So we went back to SD.

Fzbchks and fzbchkp had to be modified to leave the SD records open and fabchks records to be generated correctly for these SDs so they could get picked up by an AP run.

AR documentation states that if you leave the address type and seqno fields null on the gxrdird record, the direct deposit steps will process the records from the feed with whatever address type and seqno comes across on the fabinvh records generated during the feed.  We found this not to be the case with the farinvs report because of an osshe mod for AP which requires an address type/seqno.  I wrote a program,fzrinvs, to pick up these SD records anyway.  We at first tried to update the gurapay record that gets fed with a addr type/seqno of ##/0 because that’s what the osshe mod defaulted for a null record on gxrdird.  This however caused other problems.  We really wanted to get it to work with the null typ/seq on the gxrdird record and any addr/seqno combo on the gurapay record.

Fabchks had an osshe mod on it to exclude SD docs.  We needed to include them again so I made a new mod to it for EOU.  We also discoved the web tool students used to put in their bank info was creating a gxrdird record with a pre-note status and setting it to payroll.  Still working on how to fix that.

I finally got a student through fabchks and fwpdird, created a direct deposit file, but then got an abort on fabchka.  Investigating this determined that fwpdird was not populating the fatckin_check_num field like it should because….yes, we had null values for gxrdird atyp/seq fields.

So, now Jeremy and I are trying to update the gxrdird record with the addr/seq combo from the gurapay record.  Before we were modifying the gurapay addr/seqno record but that caused problems later in the feed.  On the positive side, I think I can get rid of fzrinvs if we can achieve this.


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EOU ar/fis feed checks

EOU now has 3 checks that they produce: A/P checks, student checks, student refund checks.  The feed has to deal with 2 of them without screwing up the A/P check process.  In order to accommodate this,  on demand student checks now use a SC prefix instead of SQ.  This is to prevent the feed from printing them.  Student refund checks are set up as SQ so they can be printed during the feed and are loaded via an ar process.

In order to achieve this I had to modify some programs called during the fis portion of EOU’s ar/fis feed.  At first we had the accounting posting for SC checks fed but not the check.  I had to add the SC type to fwriapp.sql which updates the fabinvh_appr_ind to Y to fool the system into approving the checks.  This is a local mod.

Fzbchks.pc was changed to populate fatckin_paymt_type_ind. Fzbchkp.pc was changed to not set fabchks_ach_ind to Y for SC checks. Fwpchkp.pc was changed to not print the SC checks.

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iitfeed out of balance

Got a report from Shanon that the input and output for monday’s iitfeed didn’t match.  They were off $823555.76  That day’s feed had 2 docs VA841519 and VA841551.  I looked at the history table, fwbfedh, for VA8411519 and found the records added to the out of balance amont.  I noticed the datestamp on the records was 2012.  Turns out Denise input a file that had some of the records in it with the wrong timestamp.  Since part of the document posted it had to be manually fixed.

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Ellucian Live

Ellucian Live had 2 motivational speakers this year at the opening and closing sessions who were pretty good I thought.  I know some prefer a celebrity but they did a nice job.  The conference for the first time combined sessions of Banner and Colleague (formerly datatel) which caused some confusion at first.  The first FIS session I went to was a Colleague one and I couldn’t figure out what the heck they were talking about till I realized it was a different product all together.


Several talks pointed out that their product map is out there for all to see so this is obviously an emphasis for the new company.  There was also some emphasis on the code sharing repository with several talks on it.


Banner 9/horizon has become Banner XE.  It is still using the groovy/grails code but Ellucian has backed off using Spring as a frame.  They’ve come up with using git as the means for distributing their source and there is some set up involved in using it along with ssh keys.  They kept pointing people to Banner Commons for setup and information but I found very little in the way of definition for setting up the architecture as far as step by step instructions go.  They’ve got a ways to go.


Banner general has some nice new features and Banner finance has mostly rpe fixes.

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Got an email that chkload aborted.  We recently added a parameter ALL to do all the schools with 1 job submission.  There are some drawbacks.  If a file load has a bad record, sqlldr returns with an error and the shl aborts.  This means if it happens early in the schools loop the other school files don’t get processed.  I’ve set it up to send an email with the ban_spool file so at least the end user has an idea where it aborted.  The badrecord file got stomped on when the user reran this.Had to look at dat file and tables fabbktp and phrbktp.

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