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  • #5 – Technology

    One of the great things about working in software is the sheer variety and availability of tools to make doing things easier. The only problem, of course, is figuring out what they are and how to use them. A good example is a C# library, LINQ. Using LINQ, you can query various data structures (lists, […]

  • #4 – Stinky Code

    Quick update on the project – all is going well, and we’ve finally sunk our teeth into concrete tasks over the past week. However, this blog isn’t about that… It was nice to get a refresher on code smells this week, as it’s one of those things that’s hard to pinpoint. This article from Medium […]

  • Early Progress – #3

    Over the past couple weeks, my group and I pretty much finalized the “planning” section of the capstone project. We have a concrete design document in place, and we have a good idea of what to make and how to make it. With that, we’ve been able to start doing some actual work on the […]

  • Breaking Ground – #2

    A month ago, we weren’t even sure what our project would look like. Now, there’s a plan in place and a program in the being written. It’s not much, granted, but you gotta start somewhere. For our capstone project, Jolene, Deanna, and I did get the A-Life Simulation we were eyeing earlier. I’m very pleased […]

  • The First of Many – #1

    Hello there! I’m Artemiy Arzumanov, and this is my shiny new blog. Admittedly, I’m not much of a writer, but you do what you gotta do. I’m currently a senior at Oregon State University, going for my Capstone project (which is what this blog will be mostly about in the future). A little about myself: […]

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