Types of Airport Parking

Airports are a point wherein we get to move from one place to another through the sky route. They are usually full of people. Some of them are being dropped off at airports, while some are being picked up. These days, they are designed with so much precision and full of art that many airports look more like tourist spot themselves.

However, one thing that remains constant at all airports is – parking lots, particularly for airline employees like pilots and flight attendants.


As air travel has become so common and airports are often bustling with crowds, it’s important to have good and safe airport parking in place, in order to make travel easier for the public.

This growth in demand and different purposes of travel has resulted in the creation of various types of parking options at the airport.

Here are three main types of airport parking:

1. Pickup and Drop-off zones

They are generally located closer to the terminal and require space. Vehicles may stand and park for a short period of time when the passengers are taking out or putting their luggage in the vehicles. This usually takes nearly 10-15 minutes. This space is not only used by private cars but also by cab services like Uber, shuttles, valets, and so on.


On Air Parking chooses only the best airport parking providers. They also provide shuttle service to and from the airport.


Departure (drop-off) zones comparatively see lesser ‘dwell time’ than the pick-up zones.

  1. Short Term Parking

This type of airport parking is usually offered in a multi-level parking garage that is close to the terminal. It offers a parking service at an hourly rate. It is usually used by those who are escorting those they are dropping off or are coming into the terminal just to meet their guests at the arrival.

Another interesting thing to note here is that airports are no longer just a transfer point. They may have restaurants, shops, and other services which are accessible to the public who are not even taking the flight. They also act as a good marketing point for brands that attract all types of consumers. Airports also offer viewing areas and host events to attract visitors. In such scenarios, having short-term parking at the airport becomes a good option.


  1. On-site long-term parking

Some people also know it as remote parking. This type of airport parking allows travelers to leave their vehicle at the airport for the duration of their trip. This is ideal for business travelers. A shuttle service can be run from the long-term parking to the airport entrance in order to make the transit easier. Some concierge services like a car wash, detailing, oil change, and so on can also be offered at long-term parking lots.


On Air Parking guarantees the best prices and services for airport parking. You can count on it to provide travelers with world-class parking services, which are tech-driven and not so expensive. There are no doubts about the fact that airport parking will continue to evolve even in the future, but one thing is for sure, On Air Parking will always meet the expectations of the times.

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