Preventing Plagiarism in Moodle with an Online Checker

Plagiarism has long been a source of concern in academia around the world. According to studies by US universities, nearly 36% of undergraduate students admit to plagiarism. With the increasing penetration of online content, the problem of plagiarism cannot be minimized.

Today’s technological advancements have made digital e-learning programs available to all students. Moodle is one such e-learning platform that is widely used by educators, students, and administrators. It is a free and open-source learning management system that is used for flipped classrooms, distance education, and other purposes. With all these applications, it is critical to ensure that student’s work is original and not plagiarised. This is where the Moodle plagiarism checker comes in useful.

How Moodle Detects Plagiarism?

Moodle is an excellent tool for communicating with educators and receiving feedback on projects and papers. It enables learner’s actions to be tracked and student’s work to be organized in a single location. The submitted content to Moodle can be scanned to detect plagiarism.

Moodle plagiarism is detected using various plugins that integrate into their system. The software scans the submitted assignment module proficiently to produce a report on the paper’s originality. It searches for similar or paraphrased content in various file formats and languages. Along with the result link, the user will receive a detailed similarity report about the copied content, percentage plagiarism, and so on.

What are the Important Features of an Anti-Plagiarism Checker?

Some of the features are:

Use Algorithm to Detect Plagiarism

Anti-plagiarism software employs algorithms to detect copied content across the internet. It looks not only for word similarity but also for all possible ways to cheat. Furthermore, it checks submissions for word changes, word replacements, switching from passive to active voice, paraphrasing, and alphabet changes from different languages.

Search Database Thoroughly

The software searches through all publicly available resources. It can also search closed libraries, archives, and other resources. The premium subscription of the anti-plagiarism checker allows for an in-depth examination of documents from multiple sources.


The software is simple for the administrator to integrate with the system. Furthermore, you can specify whether the document report is accessible to both the teacher and the student.


The software supports a variety of formats and can detect plagiarism in multiple languages. The similarity report also gives you access to the original sources of the copied content, including references and quotes.

No Limitation

Another important feature of anti-plagiarism software is that there are no restrictions on its use. Furthermore, a student may resubmit his or her work at any time.

The Moodle plagiarism checker is ideal for teachers, who can now easily organize the files submitted by students into folders. It also allows them to assign grades based on the student’s work. Furthermore, it assists them in detecting duplicate content in the assignment module submitted.

Moodle allows teachers to quickly evaluate papers and assignments and provide necessary feedback to students. The Moodle plagiarism checker available online can also integrate with the Moodle 2.0 application. The software serves as an essential part of academia by not only detecting plagiarism but also saving the time of users.

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