How to buy an Instagram account

As you well know, there is a big “black market” around Instagram. And it is that not only followers are bought and sold, but there is also a large market for buying / selling Instagram accounts. There are buying / selling websites that are having an incredible volume of business, but today we do not want to talk to you about these types of pages since they are accounts of low value already resold and probably used for bad purposes.

We are going to follow a much more traditional and reliable method. Our goal to make money buying and selling Instagram accounts will be accounts that do not plan to sell them, people who are really growing their account organically and who are not getting the most out of it.

First we must choose which is the niche that interests us. It should be a profitable niche in which we feel comfortable. How can we know if a niche is profitable? Apart from the obvious, we must look for accounts from the same niche with a large volume of followers and engagement. If this account has sponsored posts, it means that there is money in that niche.

Well, if we already have the niche, we are going to start looking for the ideal Instagram accounts. The chosen accounts must have between 20k-40k followers. If their posts have a lot of likes and you can see their posts on the exploration page or on the highlights page of the hashtags they use, it means that these accounts have great engagement as well as great potential.

Assume we’re interested in an account. If we are lucky, the owner of this page will not know that this potential exists and that this account will be able to reach a number of hundreds of thousands of followers. If this happens, go for that account because you will be able to earn a lot of money with it.

How to buy an Instagram account

In addition, you must know how to negotiate to get the most out of it. If you have already found the perfect account send a DM telling him that you are interested in selling his account. They will probably tell you no at first, but you have already planted the seed of doubt and you can take these two negotiating routes: Let the time pass. Tell him okay, nothing is wrong, but if he ever thinks to sell it, let him talk to you because you are very interested. This will create a doubt in him and he may soon speak to you again willing to sell it. If this doesn’t happen or you don’t want to wait, we’ll go on the offensive by making an offer.

Let’s assume that you have agreed to sell it. The first question should be how much do you ask for it? Let him launch the first offer, if this happens you will be able to handle the purchase much better, if it does not happen, launch a low offer to see how he reacts, you will have time to start raising it. Try to get these types of accounts at the best price you can, remember not to go overboard so as not to lose a lot of money in case your business does not go as you thought. If you reach an agreement with the owner, send the money safely through PayPal and ask them to give you the credentials of the purchased account.

And now what do we do with this account?

The first thing we must do is change the email and password. Why also email? Very simple, if you continue with the same email, the original owner may scam you and change the password again, since the password recovery email will reach your email, so remember to change it as soon as possible. Once the account is completely ours, we will follow the line of posts and publications for a while to grow the number of followers of this account. If you do a good job, you can reach a huge following in no time, as this account will work practically alone.

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