Best Practices to use YouTube in the Classroom

While YouTube is better known to find trending music videos and cooking recipes, this giant video hosting website has turned from a classroom distraction to an effective learning tool. As it secures a visible position in the list of largest search engines, YouTube offers incredible advantages for all educators, parents, and learners at all stages. In this modern era of eLearning, YT is one of the best sites to get learning materials in a variety of forms including videos, tutorials, and presentations.

Research conducted by the University of Queensland, Australia, shows that video content can be useful for students as in-person instructions given by instructors for different types of learning. They also say that YouTube can play its role when students are learning complex concepts or procedures as they can see the instructional videos as many times as they want to learn the concept effectually even without the assistance of someone else. Most educators and teachers are also running their own YT channels where they share educational videos with their students. They also buy YouTube subscribers to gain popularity in the education industry for getting more views and increase engagement.

It is also said by experts that video lecture incorporating into student-centered learning activities is one of the best ways to increase student motivation and help them learn more effectively.

Below are some best practices YouTube can be incorporated into the classroom to create a better teaching-learning environment.

Free and Easily Accessible Lecture Content

There is a large number of educational videos that can be used to support course materials and help students learn complex concepts easily. The best thing about YT videos is that they are totally free to watch, download and share. There are so many educational channels like TED Talks that provide a variety of video lectures and lessons from professionals in particular fields. You can also find such channels on YT that are full of educational videos and video lectures that can be incorporated into course materials. You as an educator can also make your own channel on YouTube to share course lectures and lessons with your students in video format. If you are worried to grow a new channel with little numbers, buying YouTube subscribers is recommended for you to give it a quick boost. Experts also say that lectures shouldn’t be replaced with videos but should be used to support course content.

Curate your Own Playlists

After signing up with YouTube, anyone can curate playlists to bring all the relevant and useful videos together at a place. You can also do the same for your class. You can show the video playlist in the class or ask students to watch videos in the playlist outside the classroom. Video playlists can be used as an introduction to new complex topics or to support research projects. You can also recommend your students subscribe to the channels that are most relevant to course subjects for additional learning.

Customize your Lessons

YT videos can easily be converted to custom lessons for particular courses. There are a lot of video editing tools that allow you to crop and edit videos to add personal views and quizzes to make them more relevant and helpful. Personalized video lessons then can easily be shared across different social media sites and instant messaging apps.

Engage All Types of Learners

According to education experts, Youngsters of Gen Z are visual learners as they are growing up with quick and easier access to advanced technologies like smartphones, computers, tablets, video games, and high-speed internet. The use of technology to learn new things and course lectures is second nature to them. They search on Google to find something they really want to know and watch YouTube videos to get things done easily and effectively on their own. That is the reason, YouTube in the classroom can help educators keep learners of all types engaged in the best possible way. No matter they are auditory or visual learners, incorporating videos in course learning materials could be great to increase student engagement in the classroom.

Start your Own Channel

Creating your own YT channel either for your students on for the entire educational community around the globe is a great idea. You can upload educational videos on your channel and make them available to a broader audience for free. At the start, you can buy YouTube subscribers to make your channel look popular and ask your students to subscribe as well. YouTube also offers special features and options to educational creators so they can grow their educational brands effectively.

Upgrade your Own Teaching Skills

YouTube videos related to learning and education are equally useful for students and teachers. Educators can use them a great professional development tool to hone their teaching skills to deliver lessons efficiently. They can also keep up with the latest education trends and distance learning skills. YouTube could be a free platform for teachers to enhance their skills and boost their knowledge.

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