We live in an unprecedented world, where unpredictability runs the world. Who would have thought about a pandemic running across every street and corner, bringing the world to a halt and stand still? Being on a constant house arrest while tackling something that no one had ever imagined to witness. While the world moved on accepting the harsh truths and choosing alternative paths, the educators and counselors were provided with yet another duty of taking extra care of their kids. Teachers are already accustomed to taking care of the social wellbeing of their students and trained to keep a special check on bullying and any sort of mental worry such as anxiety, depression, aggression etc., and with the onset of the pandemic, it was asked to be more stressed upon. But what others missed was what needed more attention. The educators’ health has always been a point of concern yet ignorance is bliss and that ignorance is exercised by everyone in general, the Educators included.

On average, many teachers pull a 60-hour workweek giving up their leisure time including their weekends to fulfill their duties as educators. This has led to an immense amount of pressure and has been affecting their physical health and their mental health unknowingly. This has led to many cases of exhaustion which have also led to a lack of teaching abilities and focus on them.

The unbalance between work and their life is the prime reason for the hurdles that educators have to primarily face. An unbalanced life and workload pulls the teacher into a “no-action zone” and dries their motivation down the hill, making the additional tasks and projects impossible and a sense of overwhelming feeling engulfing them. But what they need to remember is to strive for progress rather than perfection.

What can you do at work?

Set Office hours:

One of the biggest boons as well as a bane of the pandemic is remote teaching. You can sit at your homes and do the teaching, but that has now led to the interference of our working hours with the home hours. The boundaries that were supposedly keeping the two apart have vanished leading to the merger of the both. Make sure that you set a proper timing for your office work and know when and where to finish it off.

A Dedicated Work Space:

When you have a dedicated workspace it makes your mind alert automatically. It tricks your brain into thinking that it’s a workplace and being more productive and helps you disconnect from work more easily and keep you healthy. It provides you with proper work life and mental health. By creating a dedicated corner as a workspace, you are designating it to be a work only corner. It will train your brain into disconnecting from the outside world and distractions.

Spacing out your tasks:

One of the major things that educators must focus on is balance in their work. Once they do achieve a balance in their work it becomes easier to have balance in their work-life and mental health. Scheduling a time for each task would make it easier for you to handle them. Also, prioritizing your work often increases the chances of reducing your workload.

Keeping the emails off:

Logging out of your email after you are done with your working hours creates a boundary between your personal and professional lives. The horror of home emails is a nightmare that no one should be allowed to witness. A nice evening time, with family or just having a walk around your neighborhood should be able to keep your mental peace at bay. So, even if it means giving a few extra min or hours to your work, make sure you don’t let the emails get to your home.

A work schedule:

Having a routine for your work makes your work all the easier and doable. You can schedule your tasks on a day to day basis, for example, Mondays, we do the planning, and Tuesdays are Projects, Wednesdays for grading and so on. Further scheduling your tasks with a planner will also be a boon for you for all your work will be prioritized and have a schedule to be pondered upon.

Eliminate Wasted Time and Tasks:

Wasting your time on a task that isn’t necessary is a waste costing you a fortune. This isn’t about the limiting of how much work you can get done and what you can let slide, but about managing the importance and dealing with the rest accordingly. Managing your work in a few hours can make you more efficient, as you can deal with lesser time. Working fewer hours does not mean that you are being less efficient as long as you are doing something productive during that time.

How can you focus on your mental health?


While there is no doubt that the teachers do maximum communication, here we are referring to their mental health. Communicating about all the stress and worry and about the negative thought process taking place in your mind, with your family members or the close ones, so that they don’t cluster and clutter in your mind leading to more stress, anxiety, breakdowns and other health problems,

It has been proved that speaking and communicating makes hearts lighter. Since the family is always supportive and motivating, they will help you out of any and every situation, possible. Sharing your problems and frustrations can help your family understand what you’re going through and how to go about helping you.

Seek a professional mentor

You are not alone when you feel overwhelmed and end up questioning your abilities and yourself about everything. It’s normal to feel that. But if you feel that it is getting out of hand then you can seek out a mentor for yourself. A professional mentor knows exactly what you must be going through and taking the pressure off you. They can offer you the right support and guide you in dealing with all that is overwhelming.

Spend some time doing your Hobby

Hobbies are meant to be pleasing activities that help you keep your mind at ease. Helping your mind stay distracted. Hobbies help you stay calm and composed, inducing the release of happy hormones making you feel happy and calm.

Hobbies play a major role in making you feel good. They help you cope with stress, anxiety and other counterparts. Indulging in an activity that you like to do will surely get you out with a fresh feeling and make you motivated.


According to a renowned personal trainer – Reuben Aryiku, one of the biggest challenges in an educator’s life right now is the sedentary lifestyle that they are forced into. Make sure that you pay extra attention to your physical health too. Physical exercises play a very crucial role in maintaining your mental health and keeping you healthy. They will cater freshness into your mind making you feel better in all aspects. Exercising is one of the ways which can help reduce stress and anxiety. Make sure you exercise every once in a while even if it is a 10 min walk.

It’s a known fact that educators have been vastly affected by the pandemic if not regularly. They already used to have a very hard time handling the workload and maintaining good mental health, but the onset of a pandemic has affected them vastly. The psychologists have been mentioning the importance of care in the field of educators, studying them thoroughly. The need for research in the vast areas has led to a demand for mental health jobs in the field to manage and resource out the research. With lots of hands-on decks, they are working on solutions to work out for an easier life for the teachers.


There is a quote that says “He who cans, does, and He who cannot, teaches”

It has been mentioned, the teaching of the profession is the easiest of them all. But little do they realize that the life of educators is the most difficult one. It is very necessary to create boundaries between work and life to attain proper mental health.

Sometimes, it happens that the bad credit condition can lead you to need money in a quicker time. In that case, it might be difficult for you to lend some money from any lenders and if you are unemployed, the chances of success in lending the loan get low.

For lending some money from a bank or any other financial company, you need to prove your income and for this, the job is one of the compulsory elements.

But what, if you are jobless and require the loan, you need to prove your job/income. However, we have discussed the steps below to get a title loan without a job.

Ownership of a Car

If you are unable to prove your income or your salary statement then you have to avail of the alternative. The best alternative for leaning the title loan is to show the ownership of your car.

If you own a car then you can secure the title loan easily and your loan processing time will be much quicker as compared to other ways.

Titles loans are the type of loan that is processed on the value of the car. You can easily avail the amount of the loan according to the value of your car. If your car values more, you can easily get a loan accordingly.

Can you avail of the title loan without an income?

Many people have a question regarding the success of a loan over no income for a title loan. Yes, you can have the title loan without income proof because, in exchange for the loan, you are assuring your car which, in case you don’t pay the loan amount back, will not be returned.

The basic requirement is a car, you must be 18+ years old, copy of valid identity papers, no liens over your vehicle, Must be the owner of the car in the documents.

Every month is the safety month for the kid’s eye health due to the COVID-19 pandemic season. It is time to become serious to protect student vision. Due to the increasing use of electronic devices, several kids are getting the experience of the universal threat of digital eye strain.

Almost all of you get the experience of blurry vision, dry eyes, neck aches, and headaches while using electronic devices. Besides, you take a couple of hours to use electronics continuously. Digital eye strain or computer vision syndrome can affect almost anyone’s vision even if they don’t use a computer but watch TV, tablets, smartphones, and many more digital devices. The main issue with virtual students is that they have to spend their most time using a computer in school time than those students who go to the brick-and-mortar school. Therefore, they get the experience of eye fatigue than off-line schools. Well, virtual students never spend their entire time looking at the screen because they have taken out some time to read, take a break, learning activities, and even participate in extracurricular activities as well.

So, from today, order Glasses online with blue blocker lenses to avoid eye strain. Coaches and parents should try such kinds of different techniques.

How to Make Virtual Classroom Eye-Friendly:

For a virtual classroom, first of all, you have to evaluate it. Several adjustments can make in the room.

  • Keep room light hazy than computer screen so that glare can decrease and students can easily see on the screen.
  • Increase the contrast and put down the brightness of the screen.
  • Measure the distance between student and screen, and it should be 20” to 30” away.
  • Adjust the screen to that angle that there should be no tilt, and its position should below eye level.
  • Make sure that the computer screen has a high resolution.

Adjust color setting through an app, and it would better to download it if a student does school work very close to the screen. The blue rays emitted through the computer screen can affect the regulation of melatonin production. Particularly, it will disturb your sleeping rhythm if you use too much screen during bedtime. For computers and laptops, flux can automatically adjust the color scheme to eliminate the effects of blue light wavelength. The same app can apply to Apple devices, but Android can use the same apps like Lux Lite and Twilight as well.

Rules of eye safety for the digital screen:

Now the step is to give awareness to the students and help them to make eye safety habits.

  • Make time limits for digital gadgets for recreational purposes. Because that will help to decrease the digital distraction in the daytime, and even it can prevent students from digital eye strain as well.
  • Make a schedule that should be eye-friendly. Break the school time for different activities like exercise, reading, or lunchtime.
  • Students should follow the 20-20-20 rule, and that is after every 20 minutes, take a break from a computer screen for 20 seconds, and the screen should be at a distance of 20 feet away.
  • Zoom in in case of small text, and you can easily do this with the shortcut keys. Wear sunglasses for women if they are stepping outside in the bright light.
  • Clean computer screen properly once per week.
  • Use ergonomic position when you are sitting in front of a computer screen. It means your feet should be flat on the floor, relaxed shoulder, support for the lower back, and arms should at a right angle on the keyboard.
  • Avoid digital gadgets before bed and keep away from the devices for two hours before going to bed.

Many people are afraid of steroids, sports nutrition, as well as other substances that are associated with bodybuilding and powerlifting. This is most likely caused by a large number of myths and rumors that were actively circulated about twenty years ago. Now you will learn all the basic myths about steroids, which in no case can not be believed. Many athletes are surprised, as in the era of the Internet and digital technologies, someone still believes in the oldest gossip and rumors heard elsewhere, while they have no evidence, either practical or scientific.

1. Infertility and impotence.

The first thing that comes to mind when an ignorant person is told about steroids is that all the pitching impotent people who ruined their masculine power with a variety of drugs. During the cycle of taking steroids , a man becomes so energetic that his body begins to require several sexual acts per day. But after the end of the cycle, naturally this effect disappears, but nevertheless the libido returns to its normal form, as before taking steroids. It is worth noting that, nevertheless, there were cases when the athletes used the drugs incorrectly and became impotent, some at the same time “returned to duty” after several months of treatment. But you have to be careful! It is necessary to pass tests for hormones before and after administration, take a cycle of PCT (restoration of hormones). Basically, problems were received by people who did not understand this at all and took large doses of steroids and not correctly, but did not even hear about recovery (PCT).

2. Without steroids, the same results can be achieved.

These are also common myths about steroids, as various substances give your body an incredible amount of substances needed for muscle building. To achieve the same results on a normal diet you need to be a real monster with a broken genetics. Such cases have been in history, but there are less than three of them, so we can say with confidence that without the use of drugs, there will be no stunning result.

3. The fight against steroids in professional sports makes athletes give up these substances.

This rule applies not only to representatives of bodybuilding, but also to all athletes in general. Since due to strict doping rules, laboratories simply invent substances that allow you to bypass all kinds of checks and to leave an athlete unnoticed in the use of steroids or other prohibited drugs.

4. After taking steroids, you will become like Arnold Schwarzenegger .

Another myth, in fact, the use of steroids will not make you a huge roll. In addition to steroids, you need to properly, hard to train, eat well. The effect will not be very large in one dose of steroids, besides, you need to be able to keep the gained effect! Most inexperienced athletes recruit after the cycle immediately and merge everything they have typed, they are blown off like balls. This is called the kickback phenomenon , and this is because after the end of the cycle the athlete’s testosterone content drops sharply, on the cycle the athlete takes it many times more than his body produces! And after the end of the course, the drug is discontinued, therefore, the production of own testosterone decreases and the body with a low level of testosterone cannot keep up with such a volume of mass and drains it. A PCT is done in order to keep the mass gained to the maximum, and so that losses are minimal, and also restore your body (liver, kidneys, heart, testicles, etc.

And so, now you have learned the most important myths about steroids, it is important not to trust the rumors and check everything said by someone personally. Use various sources for this, try to disseminate only truthful information, because only in this way will we be able to overcome all the established myths about steroids, Check out best steroids seller in USA: steroids USA.

Although spending time in isolation is sometimes stigmatized as making an individual “lonely” or “a loner”, there are many benefits to spending some quality time alone. Oftentimes time spent in solitude provides the best moments to think and relax. However, as people we do still need to be at least a little bit social, so social needs should still be recognized and tend to during times of extended self isolation. Here is the positive side to isolation and 7 ways to manage your alone time wisely. 


Alone Time Isn’t Always Lonely 

The first thing that you should do before spending time in isolation is to recognize that alone time isn’t a;ways lonely. Sometimes this stigma created by society can discourage people from spending time in solitude that they could benefit from. Becoming free of this potentially toxic mentality is especially important if you are about to go through, or are currently going through, an alcohol or drug detox treatment.  


The Benefits of Isolation 

There are many benefits to periods of self isolation. These include but are not limited to a better quality of self reflection, improved relaxation, and an increased ability to focus. These benefits are extremely helpful if you are trying to reduce stress, focus on an important project, or are going through a period where you want to think about things on your own more objectively. 


Some Ideas for Activities in Isolation 

Although spending time alone has many benefits, these benefits are best brought out when you have some activities or goals that you wish to accomplish during this time of self isolation. These could include things like: 

  1. Going for Hikes 
  2. Enjoying Your Favorite Movies
  3. Enjoying a Nice Meal 
  4. Taking this opportunity to get fit and exercise
  5. Taking up a new hobby or revisiting an old one
  6. Meditating or practicing yoga 
  7. Practicing Mindful Journaling  or writing 

Although this list is a great start, you can fill your alone time with anything that you want. The main goal is to limit idle time, enjoy yourself, and relax. 


The Importance of a Daily Routine 

Having a daily routine is crucial for those that are new to a sober living home even during times of self isolation. This is because boredom can be a huge addiction trigger that could potentially cause a relapse in many recovering addicts. Therefore, creating a daily can prevent a lot of pain and hardship. The ideal daily routine should include elements of a healthy lifestyle, enjoyable activities, and hobbies that include short and long term goals. 



It is important to remember that time spent alone doesn’t always have to be lonely, and that there are many benefits to time spent in isolation. These benefits include things like better self reflexion, improved relaxation, and a better ability to focus. There are many things that you can do to fill your time, but it is always suggested that you create and maintain a daily routine during this time. An ideal daily routine includes elements of a healthy lifestyle, enjoyable activities, and outlets for creating both short term and long term goals. 

Facebook announced Thursday that its newly established external policy review group will take on one of the company’s most consequential acts: The decision to suspend former President Trump.

On January 7, Facebook suspended Trump’s account indefinitely. That decision followed the president’s actions the day prior, when he incited a violent mob that stormed the U.S. Capitol, leaving American democracy on a razor’s edge and a nation already deep in crisis even more shaken.

Facebook VP of Global Affairs and Communications Nick Clegg called the circumstances around Trump’s suspension an “unprecedented set of events which called for unprecedented action” and explained why the Oversight Board would review the case.

“Our decision to suspend then-President Trump’s access was taken in extraordinary circumstances: A U.S. president actively fomenting a violent insurrection designed to thwart the peaceful transition of power; five people killed; legislators fleeing the seat of democracy,” Clegg said in a blog post.

“This has never happened before — and we hope it will never happen again.”

In its own statement on taking the case, the Oversight Board explained that a five-member panel will evaluate the case soon with a decision planned within 90 days. Once that smaller group reaches its conclusions on how to handle Trump’s Facebook status — and, potentially, future cases involving world leaders — the decision will require approval from the majority of the board’s members. After that, the pace picks up a bit and Facebook will have one week to implement the board’s final decision.

Facebook likes to say that the board is independent, but in spite of having the autonomy to make “binding” case-by-case decisions, the board grew out of Facebook itself. The company appointed the board’s four original co-chairs and those members went on to expand the group into a 20-member body.

As we’ve previously reported, the mechanics of the board bias its activity toward Facebook content taken down — not the stuff that stays up, which generally creates larger headaches for the company and society at large. Facebook has responded to this critique, noting that while the board may initially focus on reviewing takedowns, content still up on the platforms will be part of the project’s scope “as quickly as possible.”

Given some of the criticism around the group, the Trump case is a big moment for how impactful the board’s decisions will really wind up being. If it were to overturn Facebook’s decision, that decision would likely kick up a new firestorm of interest around Trump’s Facebook account, even as the former president recedes from the public eye.

The most interesting bit about the process is that it will allow the former president’s account admins to appeal his own case. If they do so, the board will review a “user statement” arguing why Trump’s account should be reinstated.

Facebook’s external decision-making body is meant as a kind of “supreme court” for the company’s own policy making. It doesn’t really move quickly or respond in the moment, but instead seeks to establish precedents that can lend insight to future policy cases. While the per-case decisions are binding, whether the broader precedents it creates will impact Facebook’s future policy decisions remains to be seen.

Omnipresent, which helps companies employ remote-working local teams worldwide, has closed a $15.8 million Series A funding round. The fundraise was led by an undisclosed investor with participation from existing investors, Episode 1, Playfair Capital and Truesight Ventures. The company said it closed the round five months after its July 2020 $2 million seed round.

Founders Matthew Wilson and Guenther Eisinger started the company as part of Entrepreneur First’s London cohort in 2019.

Omnipresent says it ensures the process of remote-hiring costs a fraction of what it would if the company did it on their own, by using Omnipresent’s platform to onboard employees compliantly in 150 countries. It provides employees with local contracts, tax contributions, and local and international benefits such as health insurance, pensions and equity options.

In a joint statement, Guenther Eisinger and Matthew Wilson, co-CEOs of Omnipresent said: “Even before the pandemic we recognized the revolutionary potential of breaking down legal and administrative barriers of international employment. As former business owners, we had firsthand experience of what a headache it is to navigate the complexity and bureaucracy of building global teams. Now with the pandemic and the global shift toward remote working it’s confirmed that we are on the right track.”

Wilson told me in an interview: “For instance, in Canada, we have a Canadian entity and we enter into an employment relationship with that person in Canada, on behalf of our client, so they don’t have to set up any of the legal infrastructure themselves in Canada, or any of the 149 countries that we operate in. We then manage all the ongoing administration of the employment relationship, whether that’s from an HR perspective, from an employee benefits perspective, or if they want to get health care for instance.”

The company competes with other firms like Remote.com and Boundless HQ.

Carina Namih, general partner at Episode 1 Ventures commented: “While talent is evenly distributed around the world, for too long, opportunities have not been. I have experienced firsthand the challenge of hiring globally. Omnipresent has already become a crucial piece of infrastructure for global teams working across different countries.”

Joe Thornton, general partner at Playfair Capital commented: “Remote work undoubtedly represents the future of the modern workforce. The sooner companies adapt, the sooner they will reap the massive competitive advantage associated with a globally distributed workforce, including increased workforce productivity and satisfaction and a larger and more diverse pool of talent from which to recruit workers.”

Omnipresent said its own employer surveys show that over 85% of employers will be employing remote or international employees in 2021.

One of the longest rivers on the planet and as old as the Earth itself, the Nile was the lifeblood of Ancient Egypt, the development of which depended strictly on its proximity to this monumental stream.


1- Luxor

Built on the ashes of ancient Thebes, Luxor houses the homonymous museum, which houses some of the most important artifacts from the legendary city. Official starting point of most Nile cruises and served by an important international airport, it is a town with a tourist vocation.

It owes its fame to the surrounding area, scattered with very important archaeological sites, including the Valley of the Kings, the Temple of Luxor and the Temple of Karnak.


2- The Valley of the Kings

Along the western edge of the city of Luxor, 3km from the bank of the Nile, stands the scenic Valley of the Kings. For nearly 500 years it was chosen as the honorary burial place of the ancient rulers of Egypt. Located in the shadow of the El-Qurn peak, the necropolis includes more than sixty tombs.


It has survived the centuries, the floods, the smugglers and more recently the heavy consequences of mass tourism. Yet it perfectly preserves its solemnity and it is difficult to remain immune to the power of its charm from a very distant past.


3- Aswan

Once the guardian city of Ancient Egypt of which it represented the southern border, Aswan is today a lively city animated by tourist and commercial traffic. Here the rush of the Nile is dampened by the first natural cataract and slows its course, placidly enveloping small villages, imposing black granite rocks and islets covered with palm trees.


4- Temple of Philae

The ancient Egyptians considered the island of Philae a sacred place, since it was the burial of Osiris. Here arose one of the most beautiful and articulated temple complexes in all of Egypt: a succession of pillars, anti-courtyards and courtyards leads to the hypostyle hall and subsequently to the sanctuary, the heart of the whole building.

In the 1960s, like many other monuments, the Temple of Philae was literally dismantled and moved piece by piece to the nearby island of Agilkia to prevent it from being submerged by the rising water level of the Nile caused by the construction of the Aswan dam.


5- Abu Simbel

You are in front of one of the emblems of Egypt, so much so that you will seem to know it even though you have never been there before. The temple complex of Abu Simbel , built by Ramses II to demonstrate the greatness of his power to the Nubians and to commemorate the victory in the battle of Qadesh , was excavated directly into the mountainside and consists of two main temples: the Greater Temple , with the famous four twenty meters high statues depicting Ramses II, and the Minor Temple , dedicated to Hator, goddess of fertility, with whom Nefertari, wife of Ramses II, was associated.

The construction of the great Assan dam greatly affected the water level of the Nile and jeopardized the survival of many archaeological sites facing the shores of Lake Nasser. To save it from disappearing, the temple complex was dissected into hundreds of blocks and completely moved to the area where it is now located.


6- Edfu

Small town on the west bank of the Nile, in the past it was Behedet , the capital of one of the nomòi of Ancient Egypt. Center known for tourism, for the trade of its famous pottery and for sugar cane, it owes its fame above all to the presence of legendary temple complexes.


7 – Temple of Horus

This temple dedicated to the god Horus is one of the best-preserved archaeological sites, a source of important historical evidence relating to the cult of the god, the religious rituals related to it and the Ptolemaic dynasty.

If you are patient enough to be able to overcome the crowded bazaar and the hordes of street vendors, you can admire the two large statues of Horus in black granite, to be then introduced to the main pylon, inspired by the most ancient pharaonic architectures and decorated with very dense bas-reliefs depicting the pharaoh defeating his enemies in the presence of Horus and Hator.

The extraordinary state of conservation and the grandeur of the structures will make your visit a real journey through time among the most ancient mysteries of Egypt.

Lensa jobs

Instacart plans to lay off nearly 2,000 of its workers, including the 10 workers from the Kroger-owned Mariano’s who unionized early last year, Vice reports. These workers are responsible for in-store shopping and packing of groceries.

According to Vice, 10 of the workers affected unionized with the United Food and Commercial Workers Local 1546 in Skokie, Illinois. However, they have yet to negotiate a contract with Instacart, according to Vice. Instacart notified the union of the planned changes earlier this week. In the letter, Instacart said it planned to stop using in-store shoppers at Kroger-owned stores, which includes the Mariano’s store in Skokie, in Q1 and Q2 of this year, but no earlier than mid-March.

Currently, Instacart says it’s working to place the impacted employees with jobs at retailers or place them at other grocery stores that still rely on Instacart shoppers. In total, Instacart said about 1,800 employees will be affected by these changes. Those laid off will receive separation packages, according to Instacart. But according to UFCW, Instacart will provide between $250 to $750 to the workers they let go.

Instacart referenced the potential layoffs in a blog post earlier this week in a post about new pickup retailer model. In it, Instacart said it would wind down some of its in-store operations at some retail locations to switch to what it’s calling Partner Pick. Through Partner Pick, instead of relying on Instacart shoppers to pick and pack groceries, retailers will rely on their own workforces with the help of Instacart’s technology.

“As a result of some grocers transitioning to a Partner Pick model, we’ll be winding down our in-store operations at select retailer locations over the coming months,” an Instacart spokesperson said in a statement to TechCrunch. “We know this is an incredibly challenging time for many as we move through the COVID-19 crisis, and we’re doing everything we can to support in-store shoppers through this transition. This includes transferring impacted shoppers to other retailer locations where we have Instacart in-store shopper roles open, working closely with our retail partners to hire impacted shoppers for roles they’re looking to fill and providing shoppers with transition assistance as they explore new work opportunities. We’re also providing all impacted shoppers with separation packages based on their tenure with Instacart.”

This all comes as Instacart is gearing up to go public. In November, Reuters reported Instacart picked Goldman Sachs to lead its IPO at a $30 billion valuation. That would be a big jump from the $17.7 post-money valuation Instacart secured in October with a new $200 million funding round.

In a statement, UFCW International president Marc Perrone called these workers a lifeline during the COVID-19 pandemic and called on Instacart to stop these plans to fire them.

“Instacart firing the only unionized workers at the company and destroying the jobs of nearly 2,000 dedicated frontline workers in the middle of this public health crisis, is simply wrong,” he said. “As the union for Instacart grocery workers in the Chicago area and grocery workers nationwide, UFCW is calling on Instacart to immediately halt these plans and to put the health of their customers first by protecting the jobs of these brave essential workers at a time when our communities need them most.”

If you’re somewhat famous on various social networks, chances are you are exposed to hate speech in your replies or in your comments. French startup Bodyguard recently launched its app and service in English so that it can hide toxic content from your eyes. It has been available in French for a few years and the company has attracted 50,000 users so far.

“We have developed a technology that detects hate speech on the internet with a 90% to 95% accuracy and only 2% of false positive,” founder and CEO Charles Cohen told me.

The company has started with a mobile app that anyone can use. After you download the app and connect the app with your favorite social networks, you choose the level of moderation. There are several categories, such as insults, body shaming, moral harassment, sexual harassment, racism and homophobia. You can select whether it’s a low priority or a top priority for each category.

After that, you don’t have to open the app again. Bodyguard scans replies and comments from its servers and makes a decision whether something is OK. For instance, it can hide comments, mute users, block users, etc. When you open Instagram or Twitter again, it’s like those hateful comments never existed.

The app currently supports Twitter, YouTube, Instagram and Twitch. Unfortunately, it can’t process content on Snapchat and TikTok due to API limitations.

Behind the scenes, most moderation services rely heavily on machine learning or keyword-based moderation. Bodyguard has chosen a different approach. It algorithmically cleans up a comment and tries to analyze the content of a comment contextually. It can determine whether a comment is offensive to you, to a third-party person, to a group of persons, etc.

More recently, the startup has launched a B2B product. Other companies can use a Bodyguard-powered API to moderate comments in real-time on their social platforms or in their own apps. The company charges its customers using a traditional software-as-a-service approach.