Astounding Benefits of PMP Training

The benefits of Project Management Professional training are numerous. Most project managers vie for these benefits.

Even though Project Management Professional certification is universally accepted, getting into a PMP course is not easy.

There is a strict set of eligibility criteria that PMP follows. To apply for a PMP certificate, you need to have a four-year bachelor’s degree, project management studies comprising 35 hours, directing and leading project experience of 4500 hours.

However, you can still avail of PMP benefits if you don’t meet the above criteria. You need to have a diploma or a secondary degree. Along with that degree, you’ll need 35 hours of project management studies and 7500 hours of experience in directing and leading projects.

Now that you know the eligibility criteria for PMP let us discuss the benefits of PMP training

PMP Training Benefits

  • You have the mandatory requirement that most companies are on the hunt for. This instantly makes you valuable as you have a PMP certificate.
  • Be ready to welcome an increase in salary by 20% in your company. This is one of the most lucrative benefits of PMP.
  • In India, you can have a salary expectation of 1800,000 INR after completion of your PMP certificate.
  • You can weaponise the knowledge you have gained to complete your projects.
  • You’ll have elite-level access to PMP clubs. Here you can meet PMP members who are globally popular for their knowledge.
  • You become effective in corporate communication. You will find yourself speaking the same PMI jargon that your clients do. The course equips you with the language you will require to communicate.
  • It allows you to volunteer with PMI and make a contribution to the community. This allows you to network and meet other PMPs and learn from their practices.
  • You will be preferred over non-PMPs when it comes to securing a job and projects.
  • It gives you access to multiple job openings. According to the Anderson Economic Group report, you’ll have access to around 1.2 million job openings.
  • You know firsthand the latest changes and additions to your subject.
  • This is the stepping stone to Agile training if you wish to pursue it a few years down the line.
  • The PMP that you’ll have at the end of your name will boost your confidence. An additional boost would be the learning environment you take away from good places such as KnowledgeHut.

Final Thoughts

You can observe that the motivation for PMP training is far greater than any reservations you might have in your mind that is holding you back. PMP works as the ultimate step to one’s career. Getting enrolled for a PMP course that lasts a few months will let you enjoy its benefits for a lifetime.

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