All-Natural Kratom Safety Protocols

Kratom, a derivative of the Southeast Asian evergreen tree Mitragyna Speciosa, has been in use for over centuries for its medicinal properties. It is native to the tropical regions of Indonesia, Myanmar, Thailand, Malaysia, Papua New Guinea, as well as the Philippines. From these, it is sold across the globe as its demand continues to skyrocket in nearly every country.

It contains two primary chemicals – Mitragynine and 7-Hydroxymitragynine – that bind to the opioid receptors in the brain, causing both mental and physical relief. To this day, there is a lot of speculation regarding the use of Kratom products in everyday life. Generally, people consume it to heighten their cognitive abilities and allow themselves to relax, relieve stress, battle anxiety and insomnia, and deal with withdrawal symptoms stemming from long-term use of drugs such as morphine, heroin, fentanyl, and many other opioid drugs.

The problem is, there is a lack of scientific evidence to support all of these claims, putting all Kratom related products in a gray area. Moreover, while it certainly has its upsides, some users have reported negative results of consuming this powerful herb as well. Kratom side effects can include nausea, vomiting, headaches, hallucinations, and even death in very rare cases where proper precautionary measures have not been set in place. It’s also important to note that, even if a product utilizes 100% pure Kratom extract, there is no guarantee as to how the experience will vary from one individual to the next.

The FDA has always been on the fence about the use of Kratom among the general population. However, a majority of the US states have legalized it because, with proper safety measures in place, it can prove highly beneficial and make everyday life much easier for a lot of struggling individuals.

Here are a few things to keep in mind to make sure that your Kratom experience is as fruitful as possible.

1.    Dosage

Whenever you purchase a Kratom product, be sure to check the vendor’s instructions for the established safe daily dose. Every product requires a different dose depending on the potency of the ingredients involved, the desired effects, the form of consumption, as well as personal factors such as your age, health status, and sex. If you compare a Kratom powder to a Kratom extract, the latter requires a far less dose compared to the former owing to its high level of potency. Similarly, if you’re a beginner, it’s always best to keep the dose to a minimum and then increase gradually as you see fit. That said, you must never exceed the maximum limit that is considered safe for daily use – anything over 15 grams is considered very risky.

2.    Food Label

The first rule of buying Kratom online safely is checking the food label of the product you plan on purchasing. It’s best to go for products with 100% pure Kratom and no additives or artificial flavors to ascertain a safe and positive experience. Aside from that, checking the label also ensures that you don’t purchase anything that could trigger an allergic reaction.

3.    Lab Testing

Lab testing is done to ensure that a product is free from any contaminants that could prove toxic upon consumption such as salmonella, lead, or other heavy metals. Always buy lab-tested, quality-controlled name brand kratom online that is in the public eye. Lab testing is an important factor that makes it easy to single out a Kratom product as either beneficial or concerning. If the product you plan on purchasing does not have any label indicating that it has undergone lab testing, then it’s best not to purchase it.

It’s also desirable to opt for third-party lab-tested products as it adds another layer of credibility from outside sources regarding the Kratom product’s purity level.

4.    Special Cases

If you are pregnant or a breastfeeding mother, it’s advised not to consume any Kratom products at all to avoid any unforeseen circumstances. There is no conclusive evidence to determine if Kratom could negatively or positively alter your state and affect your baby, so it’s best to remain on the safe side and avoid it altogether.

Furthermore, according to WebMD, people with alcohol dependence are also advised to stay away from Kratom as research suggests that it has been linked to a higher suicide rate. The same holds for people with mental disorders as well because it could worsen their symptoms considerably.

5.    Research

As a beginner, it can be a daunting task to find what suits you best, so it’s natural to feel a little overwhelmed. However, when you’re dealing with Kratom products, it’s advised not to rush as you could end up compromising your wellbeing. Make sure to conduct thorough research on the brand, the strain, the method of consumption, as well as the platform where you wish to purchase your desired Kratom product.

6.    Trustworthy Sources

Currently, you need to be vigilant and make informed choices about what you buy online. You can easily find several trustworthy Kratom Information Resources online that offer guidance regarding the dos and don’ts of purchasing Kratom from online vendors and resellers. You’ll know that a source is trustworthy by examining what the public forums have to say about it. Avoid buying a product from unreliable platforms just because they offer good deals. Cheap Kratom tends to equate to low-grade stuff in a majority of the cases.

The primary take-away from this informative read is that even if a product is 100% pure, it isn’t always safe to consume in any circumstance. Commit these few warnings and cautionary points to memory to make sure that your future Kratom experiences veer more toward the positive side.

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