A Guide to Picking the Right Prom Outfit for Guys

So prom night is around the corner, and you want to stand out, right?

Don’t worry; this guide to pick the prom outfit for guys will help you choose suitable attire and celebrate the prom party in style.

Undoubtedly, prom night is going to be the most memorable night of your high school career. Prom night will be filled with a lot of memories and emotions. Many students don’t realize, but clothing can significantly impact the mood they are going to have that night.

So why not spend a few minutes figuring out what best options are available for prom outfits for guys?

Get A Stylish Prom Suit

You can’t go wrong with a prom suit if you want to look elegant and trendy on your special night.

The right prom suit will give you the confidence you need to be a prom king.

Your advantage is that prom suits 2021 are available in various designs and colors. Please choose a color, matching your skin color and bringing festive mode to your personality.

Let’s get to know how to choose a perfect fashion suit for prom 2021.

Selecting The Right Prom Suit

You can wear a slim fit or classic fitted prom suit depending on your body type.

If you have a well-built physique, choose a skinny suit. The slim-fit prom suit is a good choice if you want to get a more modern finish. However, if you’re looking for a better fit, you can try a tailored prom suit.

Choose Color Wisely

If there is no color code for a prom party, you may go for a blue suit. It’s still a classic color. If you choose something darker, you can go for red, gold, silver, purple, or even animal print.

Nevertheless, you should choose a color, flattering your skin. If you have warm skin with a yellow, greenish, or olive undertone, try red, warm green, yellow, and dark brown colors.

Focus on Fashion Trends

If you don’t want to bet on the contemporary item and try something modern and trendy, choose from the latest prom suits 2021.

Believe in your taste and experiment with extravagant design. For stylish and trendy Prom suits 2021, you may visit ANGELINO.

How to Choose a Prom Tuxedo

What makes tuxedos so popular is, they look good in every body shape. Moreover, they never go out of style.

However, before deciding on a prom tuxedo, you should know that tuxedos are available in various styles.

Single-breasted Jacket:

If classic style is what compliments your body, you can go for a single-breasted jacket.

It’s an all-purpose tux style that fits almost all sizes and body types.

The double-breasted jacket:

If you have a good height, you can’t go wrong with a double-breasted jacket.

This type of tuxedo features a boxy shape and cut. However, if your height is less than six feet, you should strictly avoid it.


The lapel is a crucial thing you should pay attention to when choosing a tuxedo for prom night. Tuxedos are available with various labels, such as peak lapels, notch lapels, and shawl collars.

Peak Lapels point upward and separates from the top collar of the coat.

The shawl collar is a rounded piece of stain which wraps all the way around.

Notch lapels point inward and are separated from the top collar of the jacket.

Coming to the tuxedo color, you can choose midnight blue, barre pinstripe, and split tartan.

If you want more tips on prom tuxedo style, you may click here.

Choosing A Prom Blazer

If you want to adopt a sophisticated look in the event, choose a stylish blazer.

There are plenty of fabric options for blazers, such as wool, tweed, linen, cotton twill, and velvet. You can choose fabric as per the weather of your region.

Color will also play a crucial role in enhancing your appearance. If you’re in doubt about color, choose a Grey blazer. 

Grey blazer is considered versatile for all occasions. It goes well with slim-fit trousers in black, brown, or navy blue.

Make sure the blazer length is not too long or too short for you. When you stand up, the bottom of your blazer should fall at least 2 inches above the top of your thighs.


Regardless of whether you choose to wear a prom suit 2021, prom tuxedo, or prom blazer, choose equally stylish shoes. It’s advisable to go for black leather shoes. They should be elegant and polished to a high shine.

The Accessories

Don’t forget the value of accessories if you want to make a good impression on your classmates. Accessories like stylish cufflinks, pocket squares, patterned socks, and an elegant belt can instantly enhance the grace of your prom outfit. 

Last but not least, be yourself. Remember, dressing for prom should not be a stress, rather a fun experience. We assume that this guide will assist you in selecting the best prom outfit for men.


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