There is no hard and fast rule of cleaning. You can clean things as you wish. Everybody loves a clean house, but no one wants to do the job. Some hacks can make the cleaning process stress-free. Today, we will discuss some cleaning hacks that can ease your cleaning jobs.

At first, you have to clean everything from top to down. If you try to clean the bottom portion first, you will make it dirty again. Thus, to avoid cleaning the base area a second time, you must first clean the top part.

Secondly, you have to follow a consistent cleaning move. If you plan to clean something using water or disinfectant, you have to follow the same movement everywhere from start to finish. For example, if you start cleaning something following a left to the right direction, you cannot change your pattern to circular in the middle of cleaning. It may leave traces of cleaning and make the surface look unalluring. Usually, avoiding the circular motion of cleaning is an excellent idea as circular motion can keep the dirt from the previously cleaned area and mess up the next space.

Thirdly, baking soda is your go-to item for cleaning most things. If you do not clean your stuff for a long time or return from a long vacation, baking soda and Cleaning Services London can be your savior. You will find some troublesome strain in the bathroom and kitchen after a long break. These strains are hard to remove using regular liquid. Thus, you have to make a paste using baking soda and vinegar or lemon or hot water. This combination works magically against the most severe strains to regain the original color and glaze.

Fourthly, your cleaning is not complete unless you completely dry it using cloths. If you leave your product wet after cleaning, it can easily attract dirt. So, you have to use a dry cloth to wipe off the excess liquid from the surface. Similarly, if you let the surface air dry, it can lead to visible cleaning traces.

On the other hand, you must give the cleaned items some time to soak before you wipe them. If you try to fasten your work by wiping it when it has liquid on the surface, it will surely make your job challenging. It is wise to wait 3-4 minutes before you wipe it.

Moreover, you can use a microfiber cloth to polish shiny surfaces. These microfiber materials work great for mirrors, glass surfaces, bathroom counters, kitchen counters, etc. These fabrics can easily catch small particles that were not removed earlier and give the items a shiny and glossy look.

Fifthly, there is no way you can forget the places under your furniture and appliances. It is one of the most ignored places while cleaning. Whenever you look at something from a standing position, everything seems clean from top to bottom. As the place under furniture is not visible, we consider it clean most of the time. However, you have to remember that the dirt under the furniture can make the whole house messy. So, you have to clean these spaces regularly.

Finally, you have to clean your cleaning equipment well after every cleaning mission. The mission is not finished until you clean the cloths, mop, brushes, scrubs, etc. If you do not clean these products at the end of your mission, it might create significant problems next time.

To conclude, these are hacks you can apply while cleaning your house. If you follow these hacks, you can clean your house within a short time.

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