5 Best Undergraduate Majors To Become A K-12 Teacher

There are several different undergraduate majors that can help prepare you to become a good K-12 teacher. Importantly, pre-service teachers need a degree that balances their subject area focus with classroom readiness. For example, Oregon State University offers a double degree program where undergraduate students can earn two degrees at the same time. With this program, students can earn a BA or BS in Education and their primary major. As an incoming student, you should know some of the best primary undergraduate majors that can help you to become a teacher. This way, you can select a degree program that offers strong foundational coursework and teaches effective instructional methods. Read on to discover some of the best undergraduate majors to become a K-12 teacher.


First, chemistry programs are one of the best undergraduate options to become a teacher. Notably, many colleges offer an accredited teacher education program to take alongside your chemistry degree. Alternatively, some students choose to major in education and minor in chemistry. To ensure your program meets proper certification standards, choose a program backed by the National Council for Accreditation of Teacher Education. This way, you can fulfill your student teaching requirements and ensure proper certification. Importantly, chemistry teachers often educate future scientists, engineers, and healthcare professionals.

English Language Arts

In addition, English Language Arts (ELA) degrees are another one of the best education programs to become a teacher. With an English degree and the proper certification, you can teach writing, literature, and critical communication skills in K-12 schools. Additionally, many ELA majors also earn a certification to teach English as a Second Language. According to recent data, nearly 1 in 5 kids speak a language other than English at home. Thus, many students need extra support to learn English language fundamentals alongside classroom concepts. Fortunately, many education degree programs that prepare teachers for K-12 education offer ESL emphasis areas and certifications. In short, English is one of the best majors to become a language arts or ESL teacher.


Next, biology is another one of the top undergraduate majors to pursue a K-12 teaching career. Typically, most states require biology teachers to have a four-year BA or BS in biology. Since public middle and high schools must meet follow these state guidelines, this degree is essential to become a biology teacher. In addition, many private institutions require teachers to hold a four-year biology degree as well. Of course, majoring in biology can allow you to secure another STEM teaching job as well. For example, you may want to teach elementary school science or high school anatomy. Depending on your region’s certification requirements, a biology degree may allow you to teach these subjects. Definitely, biology is one of the best undergraduate majors to become a teacher in the STEM field.

Elementary Education

Moreover, many students earn a general degree in elementary education to kickstart their teaching career. Typically, elementary education majors get certified to work with children in kindergarten through 5th or 6th grade. Depending on the program you choose some of these programs may license students for grades K through 8 as well. Notably, many colleges offer in-person, online, and hybrid degree formats. Additionally, many elementary education degrees include student teaching experience. This way, pre-service teachers are prepared for state licensure.

Social Studies

Furthermore, social studies is another one of the best undergraduate majors to become a teacher. Typically, these programs provide students with an understanding of different cultures. In addition, they usually promote critical thinking, problem solving, and communication skills. As a social studies teacher, you may be asked to teach on a range of topics. For example, these professionals commonly teach U.S. history, government, or ancient civilizations. Thus, many social studies degree paths focus on anthropology or history. With this background, you can learn the key facts you need to understand the course material. Plus, you can better understand how the events of a particular time period relate to specific groups of people.

There are several best undergraduate majors to become a teacher. First, chemistry is one of the most in-demand teaching subject areas to educate future scientists and doctors. Next, biology is another top undergraduate degree to teach STEM. In addition, you can earn your English degree to teach language arts or ESL. Moreover, many students earn a general elementary education degree to teach younger children. Furthermore, social studies is a great major option to teach in the humanities. Consider these best undergraduate majors to become a teacher.

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