Your Guide To Learning The Basics Of Ethical Hacking

Photo by Sergey Zolkin on Unsplash

Ethical hacking may sound like a suspicious task, but it happens to be a very popular hobby and even career path for some! Ethical hacking can be used in a variety of fields. From corporate settings to freelancing and everything in between, ethical hacking can be a great way to expedite the process of retrieving passwords, building simple gaming systems, and blocking malicious hackers from stealing content that is your individual creative right. 

Hacking skills are not taught in schools, and many collegiate programs do not offer this area of expertise as a course of study. This leaves aspiring ethical hackers with little wiggle room to help expedite their learning process and open their careers to a field of unique opportunities. For those who want to explore ethical hacking as a side hustle or hobby, this can also be tricky as resource groups are few and far between. aims to solve this issue and provide aspiring ethical hackers with online resources to help them learn the basics of hacking, while also granting them access to a remote community of hackers who share passions about this specific technology space. 

So, what exactly is ethical hacking? Ethical hacking is the process of gaining access to data sets, systems, or computer software with permission and authorization. Many ethical hackers specialize in the gaming world, finding cheat codes and special techniques to help users lean how to advance levels more easily and break through to beat components. These chat codes can be sold to frustrated gamers or given to friends and family who are passionate about trying more advanced levels of games. 

Guided Hacking is utilized as an educational resource for those interested in starting their next hacking passion project. There are thousands of tutorials to help users understand the basics of reverse engineering, computer programming, and more. Many of the resources are free, too. The Guided Hacking YouTube channel offers 400 free video tutorials that all relate to engineering, malware analysis, and the basics of ethical hacking. There is also a paid service, which offers 8 ethical hacking courses covering Python Reverse Engineering, Python Game Hacking, Penetration Testing, and similar topics for only $20 a year, the cheapest offering of its kind. There are over 30,000 customers enrolled in the platform, so users will have access to a vast community of other hackers who share interests with one another.

Guided Hacking offers everything from game hacking to professional hacking, that focuses on the ethics of retrieving data and software codes. There are 4 more courses to be released before the end of 2022 – so the offerings and community are expanding day by day. If you are interested in learning more about ethical hacking or want to get started in the space, Guided Hacking is the place to go for all resources. You will also have access to a community of thousands of other game hackers to go along the journey with you.