E-Learning vs Traditional Classroom Learning

E-learning has quickly grown from a niche to a widely adoptedode of learning. Rapidly evolving technology, widespread use of the internet, and the documented benefits of learning at one’s own pace are some key reasons behind online learning’s burgeoning popularity. By forcing learners out of the classroom, COVID-19 has further tipped the balance in favour of e-learning.

This massive stir in the education ecosystem has sparked quite a debate on the merits of e-learning vs traditional learning for quite some time now. While there are apparent benefits to classroom learning, no one can deny the superlative gains e-learning offers to educators and learners. Let’s explore how these two modes of learning have shaped India’s education system.

Personalized Learning

In a traditional classroom setting, information is generally delivered unilaterally, ignoring the diverse learning styles of each student. On the other hand, e-learning platforms allow learners to learn at their own pace. The various audio and visual elements enable students to retain the information easily and also make learning more enjoyable.

Classroom teaching also doesn’t allow much room for instructor-student interaction. As a result, many student queries remain unanswered. Such is not the case with e-learning. With dedicated doubt-clearing sessions and discussion forums, e-learning platforms ensure that students have adequate one-on-one interactions with the instructors. Platforms like Unacademy also provide personal mentors for a holistic learning experience. On Unacademy, students can view thousands of recorded sessions by some of the best educators in India. In this way, the platform facilitates personalized learning tailored to a student’s pace and convenience.

Improved Accessibility to Learning Material

A significant limitation of traditional learning is that students need to be present in a classroom physically. In contrast, e-learning turnshe entire world into a classroom. One can learn from anywhere, anytime. A stable internet connection and a device are all it takes to attend the classes.

Perhaps, the best part of e-learning is that one doesn’t have to run on a schedule devised by someone else. Learners can start and stop when they want to and review/replay material during or after the course. Moreover, there are no additional commuting expenses, allowing students to save time and money without compromising on quality education.

Learning Methodologies

Traditional classroom learning still relies heavily on blackboards, with an occasional PowerPoint presentation. However, these outdated teaching mechanics cannot quell the growing need for intuitive and visual-based learning. This is where e-learning outshines traditional education yet again. With the help of simulations, scenarios, animated videos, and visual storytelling, e-learning manages to simplify challenging concepts and improves retention.

In Summary

In the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic, the popularity of e-learning platforms has escalated dramatically, and for good reason. With advantages like improved accessibility, personalized learning, and cutting-edge learning methodologies, e-learning is bound to overtake traditional education in the future and become the norm.


How to buy an Instagram account

As you well know, there is a big “black market” around Instagram. And it is that not only followers are bought and sold, but there is also a large market for buying / selling Instagram accounts. There are buying / selling websites that are having an incredible volume of business, but today we do not want to talk to you about these types of pages since they are accounts of low value already resold and probably used for bad purposes.

We are going to follow a much more traditional and reliable method. Our goal to make money buying and selling Instagram accounts will be accounts that do not plan to sell them, people who are really growing their account organically and who are not getting the most out of it.

First we must choose which is the niche that interests us. It should be a profitable niche in which we feel comfortable. How can we know if a niche is profitable? Apart from the obvious, we must look for accounts from the same niche with a large volume of followers and engagement. If this account has sponsored posts, it means that there is money in that niche.

Well, if we already have the niche, we are going to start looking for the ideal Instagram accounts. The chosen accounts must have between 20k-40k followers. If their posts have a lot of likes and you can see their posts on the exploration page or on the highlights page of the hashtags they use, it means that these accounts have great engagement as well as great potential.

Assume we’re interested in an account. If we are lucky, the owner of this page will not know that this potential exists and that this account will be able to reach a number of hundreds of thousands of followers. If this happens, go for that account because you will be able to earn a lot of money with it.

How to buy an Instagram account

In addition, you must know how to negotiate to get the most out of it. If you have already found the perfect account send a DM telling him that you are interested in selling his account. They will probably tell you no at first, but you have already planted the seed of doubt and you can take these two negotiating routes: Let the time pass. Tell him okay, nothing is wrong, but if he ever thinks to sell it, let him talk to you because you are very interested. This will create a doubt in him and he may soon speak to you again willing to sell it. If this doesn’t happen or you don’t want to wait, we’ll go on the offensive by making an offer.

Let’s assume that you have agreed to sell it. The first question should be how much do you ask for it? Let him launch the first offer, if this happens you will be able to handle the purchase much better, if it does not happen, launch a low offer to see how he reacts, you will have time to start raising it. Try to get these types of accounts at the best price you can, remember not to go overboard so as not to lose a lot of money in case your business does not go as you thought. If you reach an agreement with the owner, send the money safely through PayPal and ask them to give you the credentials of the purchased account.

And now what do we do with this account?

The first thing we must do is change the email and password. Why also email? Very simple, if you continue with the same email, the original owner may scam you and change the password again, since the password recovery email will reach your email, so remember to change it as soon as possible. Once the account is completely ours, we will follow the line of posts and publications for a while to grow the number of followers of this account. If you do a good job, you can reach a huge following in no time, as this account will work practically alone.


Medical Malpractice Servicing Gainesville, Georgia

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Located at the foothills of the Blue Ridge Mountains, Gainesville is considered the tourism and economic center of the Northeast Georgia region. Halfway between the Appalachian Mountains and the urban city center of Atlanta, Gainesville is home to more than 42,000 residents. It is also home to the Quinlan Visual Arts Center, which hosts wonderful exhibits and events for the community. Residents have plenty of places to shop and eat in Downtown Gainesville including Harvest Kitchen, a highly-rated restaurant among locals and visitors alike.

Gainesville is undeniably full of charm and there is something here people of all ages can enjoy. There are also many great businesses in and around Gainesville that serve this tight-knit community well, including our law firm. If you are a resident of Gainesville and are seeking a personal injury lawyer, Cook & Tolley is happy to serve you.

Gainesville, Georgia Medical Malpractice

You may have heard of medical malpractice cases in which someone had major surgery and dealt with complications due to scalpels, sponges or other surgical tools having been left inside the patient’s body during surgery or even a botched surgery on the wrong body part. Unfortunately, these nightmare scenarios are actually more common than people may think and the medical malpractice statistics are quite alarming.

Here are a few statistic we want to share:

  • A Johns Hopkins study claimed that over 250,000 people in the U.S. die each year due to medical errors while there are other reports claiming the numbers to be closer to 440,000.
  • Medical errors are the third-leading cause of death after heart disease and cancer.
  • The Journal of the American Medical Association reports that an estimated 106,000 patients die each year because of the negative effects of the medication they were prescribed.
  • Just 2% of victims of medical malpractice file a claim for compensation but fewer get compensation for their injury or pain and suffering.

What Is Medical Malpractice?

It is important to know the medical malpractice definition. Medical malpractice is when a hospital, doctor or other health care professional, through a negligent act or omission, causes an injury to a patient. The negligence may be the result of diagnosis, treatment, aftercare or health management errors.

Types of Medical Malpractice

There are several examples of medical malpractice that may lead to a lawsuit, including the following:

  • Failure to diagnose or misdiagnosis
  • Misreading or neglecting lab results or test results
  • Unnecessary surgery or surgery on wrong site
  • Incorrect medication or dosage
  • Premature discharge from a hospital
  • Poor follow-up or aftercare
  • Neglecting or not gathering appropriate patient history
  • Failure to order appropriate testing
  • Ignoring symptoms
  • Mismanaging labor and delivery
  • Improper surgical technique

Additionally, nursing home neglect and nursing home abuse cases are taken into consideration when it comes to medical malpractice. At our law firm of Cook & Tolley, we take these matters very seriously, especially because nursing home abuse reporting is not as high as it should be with the prevalence of these types of cases. We encourage you to contact us and the Georgia Department of Community Health’s Healthcare Facility Regulation to report nursing home abuse if you suspect your loved one is not receiving the care he or she should be receiving. Our legal team is also prepared to help you with your claim.

Medical Malpractice Lawyers Servicing Residents in Gainesville, Georgia

Our stellar medical malpractice lawyers have a reputation for fighting tough for our clients. With decades of experience in medical malpractice law, we have been very successful obtaining money compensation for our clients through trials and settlements. We make sure to keep up with the ever-changing medical malpractice laws including the statute of limitations, which is how we have been successful with our clients’ medical malpractice verdicts in Georgia.

About Us

Experience. Respected. Tough.

At Cook & Tolley, our full-service law firm is well-respected and has the knowledge and grit needed to represent you. We pride ourselves on being the best at what we do and are tough enough to handle any case, no matter how complex it may be. With more than 50 years of experience, we are ready to provide our expertise to guide you through your case. If you believe that you or a loved one may have been a victim of medical malpractice resulting in serious injury, call us at 706-549-6111 to schedule a consultation today with one of our medical malpractice lawyers or visit us online.


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Find The Balance Between University Commitments And Personal Growth

You will get a lot of advice along your journey as a student – and even shortly after that journey comes to a close. Of course, every piece of advice will have its value, do not get me wrong. But the single most important piece of advice you will ever get as a university student is to find the balance. It might sound strange, but trust me here. Your time as a student is going to be some of the best years of your life, without a doubt. But those years will also be some of the most challenging and stressful years of your life. With so much pressure on students all the time – from managing GED classes to achieving excellent academic marks, it has never been more important for you to find your unique sense of personal balance, and to maintain and protect it.

Education becoming increasingly stressful and dealing with stress

This piece of advice hinges on the fact that there is a certain understanding that education these days is more stressful than it has ever been, because of the immense pressure that builds over modern students. Nobody that has not been a student in higher education will truly be able to understand what that pressure feels like, but they will try to help. You can also look to online resources such as, for guidance on how best to study for your upcoming GED.

Forge a strong support circle, and make sure that you can and will help them when they struggle, too. It is a two-way street, after all. You of course must make time for your studies, but you can always retake classes. You cannot afford to gamble with your mental health. This world is already harsh enough without letting something like grade potential get in the way of handling yourself when you need to. Nothing is ever more important than that. Ever.

Mental health is moving to the forefront and everyone is taking note

This is part of the reason that more students are turning to non-study related activities than ever before. More students are taking on exercise, reading books, turning to gardening and other related hobbies.

More students are spending valuable time with their loved ones. It is also the unyielding reason that more students than ever are investing in mental health assistance – either from their schools or independently. We recognise the utter importance of maintaining and protecting our whole health, and mental health is a very important aspect of our whole health. Making the time for the people and the things we love in life is important to maintaining a stable mental health (and whole health), and the modern student is vying more than ever to strike their perfect personal balance – and to maintain and protect it.

Do not neglect your mental health for academic excellence

This cannot be stressed enough: you can retake classes. Sure, there is the added cost if you do not drop the class in time for the financial cut off period (and the same goes for the grade cut off), but nothing is worth putting yourself under immense pressure. When we are in high-pressure situations, we tend to react differently to how we ordinarily would. This is not an intentional reaction, but it is a common one. University or college, whichever you are attending, will all be there to go back to once you have balanced yourself out.


How Parents Can Help Their Children to Write Their Assignments on Their Own?

Should parents play any role in a child’s homework? While many of us would start debating on this topic, here’s a straightforward answer. Parents are the ultimate support system of a child. Even a little of their encouragement and appreciation can do wonders. So of course, parents should play a role in helping their children write their assignments on their own.

Most students are not independent learners from the beginning. They need to develop this attitude and parents can help in that. They can teach their child how to study and complete their homework on time. They can help create a suitable learning environment at home so that their child does not get distracted. Even if they know nothing about the subject, only a little encouragement could enhance the confidence of their child.

How can parents help their child to write their assignments on their own?


#1 Encourage your child to set up a routine

Sometimes children can be completely off the hook while at home. They might just forget about their homework and spend all the afternoon playing or doing any other activity except studying. But, if you encourage them to maintain a study routine at home, they will automatically develop this habit of completing their homework first.

To help establish a study routine, observe when your child is the most productive. For instance, do they need to rest a little in the afternoon and study in the evening or whether they are energetic at night so they must do their homework before sleeping?

#2 Help them organise their assignments

Completing an assignment requires time management. If your child has one week to complete an assignment and they are wasting 5 days doing nothing, it is a matter of concern. This is because they will be working straight for the last two days before the deadline, all panicked and stressed out. That’s not the point of the assignment writing task, isn’t it? Assignments are given so that your child can study better at home.

So, help them divide their assignment writing task into different steps and cover each step a day. This way, without feeling overwhelmed, your child will be able to complete their homework. Teach them once and then ask them to plan how to work on their assignments on their own. Slowly, your child will develop a sense of planning and organisation.

#3 Provide additional support

Jenny, who provides Mathematics assignment help in Australia says, “sometimes children need additional help in understanding their homework and assignments. If parents have no time or they have no idea about the subject, they can help hire an assignment provider for their child. For instance, many academic writing companies offer proofreading services for assignments which is very important to remove all the basic grammatical and language-related errors from your writing.”

You may arrange a private tutor for your child or talk to their teacher if your child is facing many issues in their homework. Just be there with your child so that they do not lose their confidence just because a topic seems hard to understand.

#5 Provide a suitable environment

If you are continuously watching television at home when your child has to study, it might be difficult for them to concentrate on their studies. If you want your child to study regularly and complete their homework on time, try creating a study-friendly environment at home. For instance, provide a separate corner of your house to your child for studying. Make sure it is well-lit and has all the study materials required such as their notebooks, books, pens, pencils and other stationery. You may sit with them for a while and brainstorm ideas together, just to bring your child in learning mode.

Monica, who provides psychology essay help says, “parents should try and create a disciplined environment at home. For instance, you may read a book while your child is studying or take an online course. Your child would learn to be dedicated towards their studies by observing you.”

Wrapping up

Arya, who works as an assignment writer at My Assignment Assistance says, “you never know how much your child awaits for one word of encouragement from you. Many parents always compare their children with others. But take a moment to acknowledge the efforts your child is making. Appreciate them for completing their work on time, getting a better grade than the last time and for every little effort they make. Your affirmative feedback would motivate them to do better rather than your comparisons.”

Hope these tips will be useful in helping your children do their assignments on their own. If you have some suggestions, feel free to share them with our community. Let’s help our children grow!


A Guide to Picking the Right Prom Outfit for Guys

So prom night is around the corner, and you want to stand out, right?

Don’t worry; this guide to pick the prom outfit for guys will help you choose suitable attire and celebrate the prom party in style.

Undoubtedly, prom night is going to be the most memorable night of your high school career. Prom night will be filled with a lot of memories and emotions. Many students don’t realize, but clothing can significantly impact the mood they are going to have that night.

So why not spend a few minutes figuring out what best options are available for prom outfits for guys?

Get A Stylish Prom Suit

You can’t go wrong with a prom suit if you want to look elegant and trendy on your special night.

The right prom suit will give you the confidence you need to be a prom king.

Your advantage is that prom suits 2021 are available in various designs and colors. Please choose a color, matching your skin color and bringing festive mode to your personality.

Let’s get to know how to choose a perfect fashion suit for prom 2021.

Selecting The Right Prom Suit

You can wear a slim fit or classic fitted prom suit depending on your body type.

If you have a well-built physique, choose a skinny suit. The slim-fit prom suit is a good choice if you want to get a more modern finish. However, if you’re looking for a better fit, you can try a tailored prom suit.

Choose Color Wisely

If there is no color code for a prom party, you may go for a blue suit. It’s still a classic color. If you choose something darker, you can go for red, gold, silver, purple, or even animal print.

Nevertheless, you should choose a color, flattering your skin. If you have warm skin with a yellow, greenish, or olive undertone, try red, warm green, yellow, and dark brown colors.

Focus on Fashion Trends

If you don’t want to bet on the contemporary item and try something modern and trendy, choose from the latest prom suits 2021.

Believe in your taste and experiment with extravagant design. For stylish and trendy Prom suits 2021, you may visit ANGELINO.

How to Choose a Prom Tuxedo

What makes tuxedos so popular is, they look good in every body shape. Moreover, they never go out of style.

However, before deciding on a prom tuxedo, you should know that tuxedos are available in various styles.

Single-breasted Jacket:

If classic style is what compliments your body, you can go for a single-breasted jacket.

It’s an all-purpose tux style that fits almost all sizes and body types.

The double-breasted jacket:

If you have a good height, you can’t go wrong with a double-breasted jacket.

This type of tuxedo features a boxy shape and cut. However, if your height is less than six feet, you should strictly avoid it.


The lapel is a crucial thing you should pay attention to when choosing a tuxedo for prom night. Tuxedos are available with various labels, such as peak lapels, notch lapels, and shawl collars.

Peak Lapels point upward and separates from the top collar of the coat.

The shawl collar is a rounded piece of stain which wraps all the way around.

Notch lapels point inward and are separated from the top collar of the jacket.

Coming to the tuxedo color, you can choose midnight blue, barre pinstripe, and split tartan.

If you want more tips on prom tuxedo style, you may click here.

Choosing A Prom Blazer

If you want to adopt a sophisticated look in the event, choose a stylish blazer.

There are plenty of fabric options for blazers, such as wool, tweed, linen, cotton twill, and velvet. You can choose fabric as per the weather of your region.

Color will also play a crucial role in enhancing your appearance. If you’re in doubt about color, choose a Grey blazer. 

Grey blazer is considered versatile for all occasions. It goes well with slim-fit trousers in black, brown, or navy blue.

Make sure the blazer length is not too long or too short for you. When you stand up, the bottom of your blazer should fall at least 2 inches above the top of your thighs.


Regardless of whether you choose to wear a prom suit 2021, prom tuxedo, or prom blazer, choose equally stylish shoes. It’s advisable to go for black leather shoes. They should be elegant and polished to a high shine.

The Accessories

Don’t forget the value of accessories if you want to make a good impression on your classmates. Accessories like stylish cufflinks, pocket squares, patterned socks, and an elegant belt can instantly enhance the grace of your prom outfit. 

Last but not least, be yourself. Remember, dressing for prom should not be a stress, rather a fun experience. We assume that this guide will assist you in selecting the best prom outfit for men.



Building A Thriving Career As A Professional Writer

Being a professional writer is definitely a career path that is very much about constantly being willing and able to put in the hard work, even and especially when it seems more challenging to do so. Writers around the globe have been well aware of this fact for quite a long time now and this is definitely one of the only constants that impact writers now on a grand international scale. We have seen an incredible amount of interest and investment in empowering the professional writing landscape on an upward trend.

And this is very much expected to be just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to giving writers around the globe the tools and materials as well as the means in the opportunity to be able to create meaningful careers in a field that they are passionate about and they love. Of course, this can be said of practically any career field in this stage, it is fundamentally important to appreciate and understand the many hoops that the professional writing landscape has had to jump through to get to this point.

The lifelong learning curve of building a thriving writing career

Building a thriving career as a professional writer is very much a lifelong learning curve. The best writers today are the ones that fully understand this and can appreciate the fact that their writing can always be better. No matter how good you think you are or how masterful you are of your craft, there are always ways that you can enhance and improve your writing. As a result, many writers around the globe are constantly working on finding ways to be able to build on their career skills while also further enhancing their talents not only within their writing career but also in their own creative writing. It is quite an exciting time.

How professional writers are continuing to improve their craft

There is truly so much value in learning when to take a step back from what you are writing to be able to look at it with a fresh set of eyes as well as knowing when to push forward through writer’s block. And that really is just the tip of the iceberg and it turns out how professional writers are able to continue to improve their craft overtime. While some writers and college students choose to buy an essay online struggling, there are many different ways to approach the struggles that academic writing experts face today. Taking classes and letting other individuals book over your writing to give you constructive criticism is one of the best things you can do to improve your craft, whether you have a specialization in books or papers. Here are some extra tips to help you improve your craft as a writer:

  • Make notes whenever you can. Film directors and screenwriters say that they always have “a small black notepad” to write down ideas they derive from everything they see around. We don’t think the color of the notebook has any meaning, but the idea is valuable. We tend to forget things, and writers are in constant need of materials.
  • Read classics. Have you read all the major religious books that shape the world? As a writer, you have to. All the major plots come from those stories. Open the Bible or Quran or Bahatvagita, and you will see all the major stories we still watch movies about.
  • Don’t rely on others’ opinions. It is normal to question the quality of your writing, but if you need some advice, go to a professional editor for it, don’t ask your friend, your mom, or your dog. Their praise is not sufficient for professional validation, but their criticism will strongly discourage you. Look only for constructive criticism from people who are professional enough to judge your writing.
  • Don’t rely on inspiration. Inspiration is overrated if you are a professional writer, not an amateur. Just keep writing no matter what, even if you know that what you write is just a bunch of drafts.

If you give these tips a try, you will see how your professionalism grows, and you have less difficulties completing challenging writing assignments.

Why this will always be the case

Of course, there is truly so much value in appreciating and understanding the fact that this is very much a career field that so long as you are in complete creative control of your own work, there is always going to be a need to understand that the lifelong learning curve is an essential part of building a career as a professional writer. The best writers are well aware of this and they are willing and able to work with that fact to be able to produce the best work not only now but well into the future and beyond, further enhancing and improving their careers and aircraft in the process.


Learn more about paint by numbers & make paintings?

As a painter, what’s an essential basic thing you need to start your painting? The brush or the colours? No, you need the finest quality best custom paint by numbers kit to get on with our painting skills as once you have the excellent paper quality canvas, nothing can go wrong with your painting.

Finding the perfect paint by numbers custom photo kit is hectic, especially nowadays when companies do not deliver precisely what they promise. You might be thinking, how can a personalize paint by number kit can ruin your painting if it’s not the right quality? If you are thinking that way, then you might not be correct.

If the sheet is not made from the best quality paper, it cannot hold the colours perfectly, resulting in smudging your painting, which assuredly ruins the look of the picture.

Where can you find the finest quality paint by number canvas kit?

Searching worldwide requires many hassles, but you don’t need to be worried as you precisely in the right place now. can complete all your needs to help you get on with your painting skills.

We sell the finest quality paint by number personalized kits. Our tracing of the numbers is on point, and the picture is always printed correctly to help you paint with perfection.

Moreover, all of our best custom paint by number canvas kits are customizable, and we customize them with love according to what you need. Satisfying you with what you need is our priority.

What happens if you get a low-quality canvas?

Much about us, let me tell you what would happen if you order from a foul vendor and you get the poor quality delivered.

  • It’s common sense to think that your whole painting will end up in a mess because the canvas will be low in quality, the sheet will probably be extra smooth or extra grainy, which will make the paint slip to clot up.
  • The print quality will be deficient. The lines would smudge, and you wouldn’t have a clear idea of where exactly to paint. This way, you won’t be able to blend accurately, disturbing the result, making it look like blocks.

In conclusion, if your canvas sheet or print is low in quality, you won’t enjoy the experience or create something beautiful no matter what sort of paint or brush you use. Not just that, it will also put up a wrong impression of yours if you are gifting it to someone or conducting an activity.

Suppose you want to save yourself from a load of embarrassment and an awful experience, order from personalize everything. You can also check this blog Paint By Numbers Blog to make art more enjoyable to you.


A short history of software development

Through the last 40 or so years, computers and technology have come to play an increasingly important role in all our lives – so much so that it’s almost impossible to imagine modern life without them. From the web browsers we all use to access sites like YouTube, Netflix, and Facebook through to the office productivity apps used by companies around the world, software is now an integral part of our personal and business lives.

However, while most of us would likely consider software to be a modern technology, actually its roots go much further back than many imagine. Below is a short history of software development and how programs and applications have come to influence so much of today’s society.

What is software?

Before considering the effect software has had on the latter part of the last century and this, it’s perhaps best to quantify and qualify exactly what software is.

Pretty much everything you do on a computer will involve using software, from the operating system that acts as a base layer to run additional programs to mobile apps and games; all can be considered software. Perhaps the best way to understand the software concept is to think of it as the interface between human users and computers. Indeed, without software, most of us wouldn’t know where to start with a computer. Software essentially ‘speaks’ to a machine in a language it can understand, allowing it to perform useful or entertaining tasks on behalf of the user.

The early days of software development

The world’s first piece of software was written by a computer scientist named Tom Kilburn in 1948. Kilburn and an associate (Freddie Williams) had developed one of the world’s earliest computers – the Manchester Small-Scale Experimental Machine (or SSEM for short) – and ran Kilburn’s code to execute mathematical computations.

However, the earliest computers are a far cry from the powerhouse machines we see in use today. Indeed, for many decades, these early computers were controlled and programmed using cards with punch holes. As the sophistication of programming continued to develop, early languages such as Fortran, BASIC and C would soon evolve.

How the personal computer changed the world

While these early achievements would provide the building blocks for the growth of computing, it wasn’t until the ’70s and ‘80s that software development would come into its own – particularly with the release of Apple’s ground-breaking Apple II system. At the same time, a rival product, VisiCalc, was launched, bringing spreadsheet software to the masses for the first time.

As interest grew in the realm of personal computers, other companies were quick to enter the market with the likes of industry titan, IBM, launching in 1981. However, despite the name ‘personal computer,’ in truth, the majority of the software developed around this period was very much related to the work and business community, the most significant of which were apps like Microsoft Word and Excel. Both were launched in the mid-’80s and would go on to cement the firm’s almost total dominance through the next twenty years and beyond.

Another game-changer in software development came with the release of open-source programs, which became popular through the 90s, driven largely by the interest generated online. For example, the earliest version of the Linux kernel (which later would develop into the operating system of the same name) was published online in 1991.

The role played by mobile devices in software development as know it

Many would argue mobile devices brought computing – and therefore software – to the masses. Not so very long ago, computers and the internet were considered very much the preserve of geeky coders; however, the rise of mobile devices (and, in particular, smartphones) revolutionized the entire computing landscape. For the first time, the normal man and woman in the street could benefit from ground-breaking tech bundled in the form of user-friendly, pocketable devices.

From the release of the first PDA in 1996 – the Palm OS – through to RIM’s dominance with its Blackberry range that first launched in 1999 (at the time, making the company the fastest-growing in the world), computing finally hit the masses with mobile devices. At last, there was no need to be a so-called nerd to interact and benefit from tech. With developers taking a keen interest in ensuring application security and designers making their apps even easier to use through developing improved User Interfaces (UI), mobile tech was establishing an enthusiastic user base.

However, while it’s undeniably true that these early mobile devices would see a huge upturn in the range, type, and sophistication of software that came available, one product would come to change the world of computing like no other – namely, Apple’s release of the iPhone in 2007, a far stretch from their Apple II.

The future of software development

With computers and tech now playing such a major part in all our lives – plus the impending growth of the Internet of Things (IoT) – there’s little doubt that software will continue to shape our societies. Indeed, many industry analysts believe we are now in the throes of a fourth industrial revolution – a time when machines and the software that drives them will come to dominate.


Iphone Repair Cambridge Made Simple

The introduction of phones in the modern world was without a doubt one of the most significant advances in the field of communication. The reason for this is due to the many advantages phones have for the common person.
Since their creation, there have been many advances in this field, resulting in the creation of unique phone products that are user-friendly in their simplest state. In the recent past, there have been many kinds of cellphones available due to the competition, one of which is the iPhone.
iPhones exhibit incredible technological innovation and are unlike any other type of phone. This phone has a number of applications and other parts that work together to allow a seamless functioning process.
However, electrical devices are not without their limitations. As a result, it is very likely that your iPhone may have some default features that hinder it from performing normally. This should not make you panic, as there is a solution.
One thing you should know is that iPhones can be repaired and they will continue to function normally. This service is available and quite affordable in many parts of the world, and besides, you can also read up online on how to go about repairing your iPhone yourself, which is a cheap undertaking.
The most common iPhone repair Cambridge Jobs involves a broken screen. It may have been damaged due to a fall, compression, and so on. In the event that your iPhone screen is cracked, you will need to be aware that the issue is fixable. In this case, the damaged screen can be extracted and the new screen will function more-or-less like the first one due to the availability of these screens in different stores as well as the service providers.

Headphone jacks can get damaged by use; therefore, if you encounter a non-working or semi-working one, you need to be aware that they can be repaired.
Other issues related to this phone include poor batteries, a waterlogged phone, problems related to iTunes synching among others. All these issues are resolvable to make your phone operate again.
In the event that you need to get your phone repaired, then iPhone repair Boston is the best place to go. iPhone Repair Boston has an experienced team of technicians and their prices are quite reasonable.