8 Ways to Make a Unique Impression on Your Job Hunt

Part of your career development journey will be refining your interviewing and job hunting skills. But to do the former, you must first master the latter.

Finding the job is easy…getting a call back is harder. Here are 8 ways to make a unique impression on your job hunt.

Follow Up With a Thank You Note

Shooting your interviewee a thank you note is a surefire way to differentiate yourself from the pack. No one else is doing it, and it impresses upon the employer that you are a polite and serious candidate that values the employer’s time.

Thank you notes harken to a more traditional era, and being able to code-switch between contemporary and less contemporary means of communication could be an advantage in a number of slow moving industries.

Utilize Snail Mail

A great deal of business is done through the mail. During your interview process, engage with the postal service. Many businesses use the postal service as the lifeblood of their day-to-day operations. There is a certain antiquity to the traditional postage system that a lot of newer entrants to the workforce do not feel comfortable grappling with.

But as a younger working person, you need to go out of your way to demonstrate that you can interact with means of communication and doing business from all eras. After all, there is trillions of dollars worth of business happening over the postal system.

Show Mastery of Multiple Mediums

Just like showing off with your use of snail mail, sending your resume via one channel and following up with your interviewer (after an appropriate length of time) through another is a means of showing your versatility.

Just make sure you are not going overboard with how often you contact your potential employer!

Research Niche Details

Finding the tiny details that bosses tuck away in the messaging of their businesses truly delight businessowners. Branding is (or should be) a thoughtful process brand owners invest a ton of time into.

So regardless of the position you are taking, signaling to potential employers that you endorse and can communicate their messaging effectively immediately differentiates you from the rest of the pack. You will get extra bonus points if you bring up this niche fact of your own accord, but organically.

Shared Extracurriculars

Recent graduates have some disadvantages: being fresh out of college and new in the workforce puts graduates in a position where they have less leverage than the people they are negotiating for employment with.

But they also have an immediate cultural touchpoint that all employers can tap into. Sports, extracurricular activities, research interests, clubs—these are all things that are universal to the college experience. Employers and hiring managers will know what to ask after, and this, in turn, will signal to you what sort of culture the company is asking you fit into.

Academic Connections

Academics offers a wide swath of opportunity for exploring overlapping interests between interviewers and interviewees.  After all, everyone has taken some variation of math, English, history, etc. at a college level.

Without boring your employer, who is bound to have heard it all, it’s all about balance. You should not launch into a diatribe about a subject your employer is clearly uninterested in, but you should also not allow the discussion to stray so far that you lose sight of the job.

Even if your interviewer begins to steer the conversation away from the position you are applying for, try your best to keep the topic of conversation pivoting back to the reasoning behind why you are a perfect fit for your interviewer’s team!

Cultural Connection

Similar to identifying with a company’s branding, a company’s culture is one touchpoint potential employees can tap into when trying to make a connection.

Some companies are perfectly fine with their accountants conducting business barefoot like greenhouses and trendier startups, while others like lawyers such as the Barnes firm staff, doctors, and professionals will be more apt to keep their clothes on and the focus on client service. The key is being honest with yourself about what standards you are able to meet on a regular basis. Think about your role in the workforce. What does it look like?

And of course, do not try to force fit yourself into a company culture which does not strike your fancy. If you can’t sell it to yourself, you will not be able to sell it to an employer!

Exude Confidence

Act as though you can do any job duty they ask of you…and know it is because you can! With some hard work and determination, you can, in fact, do anything. But reminding your interviewer of that is important.

However, you want to avoid coming off as haughty or over confident. After all, many employers will immediately be skeptical of your abilities as a young person. It is the unfair and unfortunate truth.

It essentially boils down to this: choose your words carefully, be honest about your abilities, and be even more confident that you can get things done: and you will get the job!


Top 10 Cryptocurrency Myths Every Student Should Know

When studying at a university, most of the students dream of having their own business. Especially, during the current technological development of crypto-related businesses are the most desired ones. So there are things they should definitely consider when delving into the cryptocurrency business world.

Overall, digital currencies have become one of the most expensive yet profitable factors of investment. Especially bitcoin, which is now equivalent to 52,981 USD. Earlier than cryptocurrencies, gold and companies’ shares were the most preferred factors of investment among the general people in business.

But, since the beginning of cryptocurrency and easy ways for buying or getting these digital currencies online, the general public’s interest in it has also risen. Today, you can exchange BTC to USD legally and quite easily.

Here’s a fact related to human behavior, when there’s something brand-new in the market, non-authentic facts about them manipulate people’s minds.

Similarly, since the introduction of Cryptocurrency at the public level, there are several myths that you may hear from multiple resources.

Not only this, but a few newcomers in the industry also believe in the cryptocurrency-related myths and end up in disappointment.

Today, let’s take a glance at the top 10 cryptocurrency myths the youngsters should be aware of. Here are some “true” facts that resolve such myths.

Here we go!

Myth 1: Cryptocurrencies are non-taxable

Many students think that crypto is an online business so they can avoid any taxes. When exploring more, you may come across a statement saying that cryptocurrencies are not controlled or ruled by the government or banking institutions.

Indeed, it is an independent digital currency that computer systems control. It is true. But, a “False” that arises from this fact is that cryptocurrencies are non-taxable.

Again, myth-supporters will support their statement by stating the following arguments:

  • Since neither the Government nor the banking institution creates or controls cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin. Thus, they are not worthy of receiving “a part of profit” in the form of taxes.

This argument is undoubtedly strong.

However, the fact is as following:

Fact: To begin with, Governmental authorities all over the world do not count cryptocurrencies as actual currencies. Indeed, for banking institutions, cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin are capital assets (meaning, stock in the hands of a businessperson or investor). Therefore like other capital assets (for example, freight), cryptocurrencies remain taxable.

For example, in the United States, the Government charges taxes on cryptocurrencies based on the holder’s income. Meaning, if the cryptocurrency investor earns 40K USD per annum, he/she is not liable to pay taxes. But, if annual income touches 441450 USD, the 15% tax rate is valid and remains payable.

Similarly, if the income is more, 20% remains taxable. Yet, a few conditions apply, such as the bitcoin holder must keep bitcoin(s) for more than a year. Apart from this, the long-term and short-term capital gains also play a major role in the bitcoin tax calculator system.

Myth 2: Cryptocurrency is not as equally valued as real currency

In today’s developing world, it is in human nature that he believes in what he can see!

Isn’t it true?

But, in the 21st century, the world has modified. Technical experts all over the world have created a “virtual” universe where humans exist in the form of “data.” From online shopping to online payments and whatnot, this virtual world is absconding.

Hence, the world is currently divided into two, those who believe in Cryptocurrency to be real money and those who don’t.

But, here’s the truth: Cryptocurrency is equivalent to real currency. Nowadays, it has become common. Even top-notch regular stores like Target accept payment in cryptocurrencies like bitcoin or litecoin.

Yet, the value of cryptocurrencies is so high that they are not very basic among the general public.

For the most part, one bitcoin is around 52 thousand USD(s) approximately which is a large value. In the 2000s, when the first-ever decentralized Cryptocurrency, i.e.., bitcoin, made it into the market, it was worth less than 0.01 USD.

Later in 2013, bitcoin started to boost, and its value reached over 12 hundred US dollars.

Apart from all the above arguments, people believe in this myth because, to these people, the “Gaining procedure” of cryptocurrencies is incomprehensive.

For example, in the beginning, bitcoin mining was a major stage for people to get bitcoins. And this mining includes verification of transactional blocks, which demand a very high knowledge of computer systems and networks.

Hence, if we view history, it is portrayed that cryptocurrencies are made for hackers, tech-savages, and cloud-based companies. But it’s not! Today, gamers, influencers, and the general public everyone can buy and invest in Cryptocurrency online.

Myth 3: Cryptocurrency is illegal and triggers money laundering

Calling out Cryptocurrency as an illegal form of currency is very common among the general public that takes an interest in finance and political arguments.

Since 2008, bitcoin, one of the most prominent cryptocurrencies, is running successfully in countries like the United States, India, and China.

Not only this but in China, the finance minister also publicly expresses that they consider bitcoin to be a “commodity” instead of real money.

However, it is not considered illegal.

Whereas countries like Russia, Algeria, Bolivia, and Ecuador have banned cryptocurrencies. Here, the myth is debatable because, in the United States, Cryptocurrency is equally worth it as a legal tender.

In South Korea as well, authentic residents are authorized to buy cryptocurrencies or mine them online. Thus, from a few countries’ point of view, Cryptocurrency is not illegal.

For example, India (which is still in the stage of development) is pushing the use of cryptocurrencies to robust the power of digital money transactions and security systems.

Fact: Therefore, it can be said that Cryptocurrency is not illegal. However, if an investor blinds to pay taxes on cryptocurrencies (after making a countable profit) or uses cryptocurrencies to run illegal businesses, only in that case it will be illegal.

Above all, the act of “cryptocurrency laundering” has also become a part of cybercrimes.

To begin with, cryptocurrency laundering happens because online websites or apps, or wallets allow the user to add a fake name to the wallet. Meaning, the identity of the user remains anonymous. This payment concept is known as pseudonymous. Yet, it is very rare.

Myth 4: Cryptocurrencies are a way for criminals to getaway

When it comes to the utilization of digital currency, which is transferable without verifying any form of bank account information or legal identification of the user, cryptocurrencies are taken for power in the hands of criminals. You may hear from many around you that cryptocurrencies are used for illegal purposes.

However, this is times have gone students!

After the event of the Silk Road Raid in 2013, Governments all over the world have taken action on making the use of Cryptocurrency legal and secured.

Indeed, countries like India have introduced KYC or Know Your Customer Policy for every individual that opens up a bitcoin wallet. This helps the authorities to create data on the bitcoin holder by asking them to submit or upload verification ID online.

Also, KYC includes a “fingerprint” verification procedure for strengthening the system.

Thus, the use of Cryptocurrency in black markets and casino(s) is no longer a statistic.

Myth 5: Cryptocurrency Blockchains are monetary cloud-like database

To newcomer investors, Cryptocurrency mining seems like a very complicated and tech-savvy subject to understand.

For example, inexperienced investors may tell you that blockchains are a type of storage facility for users to save bitcoin or litecoin. But that’s untrue.

Indeed, blockchains are quite similar to “ledgers” that are prepared in finance and accounting. Meaning, Blockchain, and cryptocurrency-based transactions. The Blockchain ensures that the bitcoin miner does not repeat transactions.

Thus, it increases the level of transparency.

Comparing cryptocurrency blockchains to cloud databases will express that blockchain stores files. But that’s not at all true.

In the future ahead, there is a possibility that blockchains will store multiple forms of data.

However, for now, cryptocurrency blockchains are simply a group of blocks chained together.

Moreover, each block contains a ledger.

Thus, once a block has been resolved and verified, it chains to a blockchain. This process remains irreversible. This fact also supports the false narrative of Cryptocurrency being a scam.

Myth 6: Students might think Bitcoin is the only hardcore valuable Cryptocurrency

It is without a doubt that bitcoin is one of the most prominent cryptocurrencies in the world. Wherever you go in the United States, you can locate multiple Bitcoin ATM(s) in an area. But, have you ever come across any website, ATM, Game, or mining firmware that offers to deliver Cryptocurrency other than bitcoin.

However, to the reader’s surprise, bitcoin is not the only valuable Cryptocurrency in the world.

Today, less-expensive cryptocurrencies like litecoin and Etherum are gaining prominence among the general public.

Recently, Etherum got the high-end attention of investors into the market due to its improved liquidity ratio as well as a transfer value. Here is a list of the top 10 crucial cryptocurrencies in the world that are setting new benchmarks for the virtual money market:

  • Ethereum or ETH: Currently, 1 ETH = 1600 USD approximately.
  • Litecoin or LTC: Litecoin was introduced as the alternative for bitcoin. Its value is only 176 USD.
  • Polkadot or DOT: It is focused on the concept of parallel blockchains.
  • Cardano or ADA: It has touched a market cap of up to 10 billion USD approximately.
  • Bitcoin Cash: Bitcoin cash is an open-network and permissionless version of Bitcoin.
  • Stellar: Stellar is an open-network for investors to process peer-to-peer transactions in cryptocurrencies.
  • Chainlink: Do not mistake it for Blockchain. It is a cryptocurrency like ETH with the Smart Contract concept.
  • Binance Coin or BNB: It is made for businessmen to make business transactions in cryptocurrencies.
  • Monero or XMR
  • Tether or USDT

If you are trying to figure out the “value” of a cryptocurrency based on its market value, it will be a worthless estimation. The reason being, the value of a cryptocurrency does not depend on its market value.

However, it depends on which currency is holding the highest interest of the general public, investors, and business people.

According to a few business research and finance reports, Etherum will be the next in line to compete with Bitcoin.

Myth 7: The risk of “hacking” is infinite

One of the major myths that cause the new coming investors to run away from cryptocurrency investment offers is the risk of “hacking.” Hackers or the vulnerability of the world wide web towards hacking is no longer rare. Small hackers start by hacking into people’s social media accounts.

However, experienced and greedy hackers may directly get access to your monetary sources like a bank, PayPal, Wire transfer account, or maybe Bitcoin Wallet Account. But, the latter part is not true.

Above all, Bitcoin, Cryptocurrency, or BlockChain are new to the industry. There are very few chances for any experienced hacker to figure out such a high-end technically tangled blockchain of the ledger in years. Within ten years since its introduction, only 25% to 30% of the world’s population has clearly understood the concept of Cryptocurrency.

Since it’s widely new to the people, there are very few participants. And meanwhile, the risk also eliminates.

Apart from this, if you are still worried about risk or hackers prying on your device, here is what you can do:

  • Always prefer genuine cryptocurrency websites to buy BTC or ETH.
  • Don’t put all your savings into Bitcoin at the first-stage of investment.
  • Keep an eye on the regular fluctuation of cryptocurrency prices in the market due to improvement or decrease in market capitalization.
  • Do not give away your device to an unknown person for any given reason.
  • Avoid connecting with public wireless connections or WLAN.

Myth 8: The risk of “counterfeit” in cryptocurrency is unavoidable

Whether you call it a myth or confusion or a problem in understanding how Cryptocurrency works, cryptocurrency counterfeit is a stretched subject in the market. Meaning that since there is no physical existence of Cryptocurrency.

Thus, the possibility of counterfeit arises.

However, it is technically untrue. The reason being, cryptocurrencies run on unique codes. For example, likewise, your system has a unique IP Address.

Similarly, bitcoin also has a unique code. In this way, the identification of BTC(s) and other cryptocurrencies is processed.

Apart from this, the possibility of duplicates in Cryptocurrency exists.

However, the computer systems and software specially made for bitcoin mining and transactions immediately locate the duplicate transactions/blocks and crash them out.

More often than not, the spreaders of this myth may come up with an argument including “double spending” of bitcoin or any other cryptocurrency to counterfeit. Here’s a simple explanation for it.

Bitcoin exists virtually in the form of “blocks” in Blockchain. Therefore, when a user transfers a bitcoin to another user, he loses one block. Therefore, the total number of bitcoins in hand decreases as the Blockchain becomes smaller.

Above all, the risk of double-spending is very less. The reason being, to double-spend a bitcoin, the user will need an impossible amount of computation power. Hence, this scenario is nearly impossible. As a consequence, there’s no technically true-and-tried method to counterfeit Cryptocurrency.

Myth 9: Cryptocurrency = SCAM

No matter how serious this myth sounds, the arguments behind Cryptocurrency being a large scam are worth mentioning.

Students, calm down! 🙂

If you see, any industry in the world is filled with positives and negatives. A place where an investor finds an opportunity to make a profit in a legal way, there’s always a party present that finds a way to scam the investors.

Therefore, it is rather common for investors to be cautious and overthink their every move when it comes to Cryptocurrency.

Since one cannot see Cryptocurrency apart from its virtual presence in wallets, there is very little potential for Cryptocurrency being a scam because it has been non-prohibited by the Government itself.

Indeed, it is a matter of good and bad investment.

If the investor is focused and experienced enough, he can go a long way in making a profit out of cryptocurrencies in the long run.

However, if the investor makes a greedy move by dealing with an anonymous cryptocurrency buyer or seller, it is simply akin to blindly falling into a scam scheme. That’s why you should explore the best platforms to buy or sell cryptocurrencies. You’ll need this in the future.

Myth 10: Cryptocurrency transactions leave no tracks

Come again? Well! If you have been told that “cryptocurrency” acts as a mask for criminals to process illegal transactions without leaving any traces, it is their misconception.

The reason why people believe in this myth is that Cryptocurrency is highly dependent on blockchain technology which is known for its anonymity feature.

However, blockchain technology not only identifies and validates each transaction but also records each transaction automatically.

The thing about misconceptions is that the myth-spreader only knows the part-truth. The idea of Cryptocurrency has not become regular for people yet. Cryptocurrency mining has started to attract multiple large organizations to invest in technology.

Yet, there are those who protect against crypto mining because it uses so much electrical power that it will leave the earth with nothing to rely on. Again, it is only partly true.


As long as the cryptocurrency industry pokes into the traditional finance system of the world, myths and facts will keep interrupting your power to invest.

There’s no doubt that Cryptocurrency is the future of the financial world. For more information, get in touch.

Good luck!


5 Tips for a New Urban Cyclist

Perhaps you live in a small town and don’t want to spend a lot of time every day sitting in your car.  Or you’re wondering how to go through the prequalify car loan process and need temporary transportation.

If any of these apply to you, you’ve probably considered the other transportation methods available. After running the pros and cons of them all, you may have landed on riding a bike. It’s cheap, it’s healthy, and it’s good for the environment. What’s not to love?

Even knowing the benefits, going out on the street riding on nothing but some pipes and wheels can be scary at first. An inexperienced cyclist could be a danger to others but especially themselves. Here are the five most important things we think a cyclist should know for the new commuter or even an experienced rider looking for a refresher.

Learn the Rules

Pretty much every driver has had a bad experience with a cyclist. I’ve heard stories about them swerving into traffic, riding in the wrong lane, and running through red lights like they’re nothing. To avoid being “that lunatic” getting ranted about by someone’s uncle, check up on traffic laws for bikes, which may differ depending on where you live.

Choose the Right Bicycle.

Though they may all look identical to a newbie, bikes are incredibly diverse. Make sure you choose one made for what you’ll be doing. A BMX may not be the best choice if you’re going to ride it to work. Likewise, picking up a bike that’s too big, too small, or meant for a seasoned cyclist can lead to serious problems. If you aren’t sure where to start, there are many guides out there to help choose the best beginner bike for you.

Get a well-fitting Helmet.

This tip might go without saying, but helmets are important. Common complaints, however, are that they mess up your hair, “look dumb,” or are uncomfortable. These issues are caused primarily by people picking up the first helmet they see or using one second-hand. Helmets come in various shapes and sizes, and finding one fit for your head is more important than you think.

Invest in Lights

Investing in lights is another way to focus on safety. So many cyclists, especially the newbies, don’t know how important lights are for biking in a city. Even if you don’t plan on biking at night, you never know when you might have to. Not having lights is a disaster waiting to happen. The best advice I can give is to look for some decent lights, they’re cheap and may save your life.

Learn some Basic Repairs

If you ever rode a bike as a kid, you might already know some of these, like setting the chain back. But getting stuck with a punctured tire in the middle of nowhere is a nightmare if you don’t know how to fix it. Picking up a manual or reading a simple guide on bike maintenance can let you avoid this headache.


Birth Control – Pros and Cons of Each Method

Birth Control Pills are one type of contraceptive medication. Family planning tablets are a form of chemical medications that contain estrogen or progestin. If you consistently take your pill according to the package instructions, the pill is generally safe, effective, and affordable. In addition to stopping pregnancy, birth control pills have many other health advantages. Some studies show that birth control tablets can help lower cholesterol, lower blood pressure, prevent or treat acne, lower levels of depression, reduce the risk of some cancers, improve lung function, lower levels of diabetes, prevent heart disease, and help with weight loss. The most significant advantage of birth control pills is that they do not increase the risk of sexually transmitted infections. However, an outbreak of an STD can be severe, even life-threatening, so it’s essential to use protection when having sex and be tested regularly for chlamydia, gonorrhea, or trichomoniasis. Condoms Many women choose to use condoms during vaginal intercourse to prevent pregnancy. Condoms prevent pregnancy in several ways: They cover the cervix, leading the vagina to produce more mucus than usual, thereby preventing fertilization. Latex kills a lot of sperms. Because the condom covers the cervix, the chance of being infected with cervical cancer is reduced. Spermicide Spermicide or Contragel is another commonly used method to prevent pregnancy. Spermicide works by stopping the production of sperm. The sperms are then disposed of through a urinary tract infection. A spermicide is also used to reduce the chances of a woman becoming pregnant while on a contraceptive pill. There are some cons to spermicide as well. Spermicide is toxic to both the mother and child. Also, it can cause stomach upset or nausea, especially if used during a time when the woman is pregnant. This is a rare side effect because most spermicides are progestin-based. Progestin-based birth control methods are less toxic than other methods. Silicone Diaphragm Another method to avoid pregnancy is using a silicon diaphragm. These are available over the counter from Canada. What is a diaphragm? A shallow saucer-shaped cup that is bent in half and inserted in your vagina to cover your cervix while having sex. Use a contraceptive gel such as Caya gel with the diaphragm for better safety!. Copper IUD A copper IUD (intrauterine device) can prevent pregnancy. The copper ions in the device interfere with the hormone that is released from the ovary. This copper IUD can either be an IUD inserted into the uterus or an outpatient procedure using a plastic tube. This copper IUD is inserted into the uterus, where it acts as a spermicide. Eventually, the copper ions will dissolve away, leaving the uterus and fallopian tubes clear. A blood clot may form in the uterus if you are taking blood thinners to prevent pregnancy. This is why women who are on blood thinners should not take combination pills containing copper. Interferon, another birth control pill, may also cause a blood clot. This usually clears up within a few weeks. Some doctors recommend the use of an intrauterine device, even after a woman has been sterilized. The doctor may think this is not safe unless the woman has not had a tubal ligation or a pregnancy in five years. With that being said, there is still no need to assume that birth control pills will affect your pregnancy. It’s best to talk with your doctor. To ensure your pregnancy is unaffected, do not start taking any birth control pills before your doctor gives you the all-clear. Many doctors say this is best for those starting a new type of treatment and those with past pregnancy issues. Women who have recently miscarried can take a wait-and-see attitude. This is especially true if they are taking hormone pills. Most doctors do not recommend taking interuterine devices until it is confirmed that you have conceived. This is due to the risks involved with surgery. The procedure is also costly. There are also chances that the fallopian tube will close after a tubal ligation while a woman is pregnant. The fallopian tube is opened before pregnancy to allow the baby to pass through. Another birth control option that some women don’t consider is using a condom. Many argue that condoms do not work because the semen of men does not travel up the condom in the same way that the spermicide in a birth control pill does. If there were only one way to prevent pregnancy, then surely everyone would do it. However, this is not necessarily the case. Using a condom does reduce the rate of intercourse and is a deterrent to intercourse. When a man ejaculates and the spermicide reaches the egg first, the egg gets mixed with the sperm, entering the uterus, where it fertilizes the egg. The male condom prevents the sperm from mixing with the egg and thus prevents pregnancy. Using a male condom is often the only way to eliminate spermicide and egg inside the vagina. While there are other alternatives, such as a male contraceptive patch or gel, if a couple is trying to become pregnant and cannot use a male condom, an egg might get accidentally fertilized with spermicide, resulting in an ectopic pregnancy.


Top Vitamins Befits

The best steroids for beginners in Canada Owing to the body mass structure and strength enhancing homes, there is a high need for steroids amongst professional athletes, bodybuilders, and also teens. Though one can not refute the reality that the majority of the lovers experience a problem as they get to know about its major negative effects. However, in reality, not all steroids offered on the market are incapacitating in their after-effects. There is a class of steroids that work and also safe particularly for beginners. Steroids Canada supplies their clients with the best muscle-building supplements that makeup of herbs as well as besides this, there are anabolic ones also. It has to be kept in mind that the results of steroids vary from a private to the other. One needs to also keep it in mind that the use of steroid depends on the result desired by the user. At first, it is a process that consists of tests complied with by analysis, as one goes on developing his/her cycle of anabolic steroid. However, it is generally advised that a novice must begin their cycle with easy testosterone. It is a great option for the majority of healthy males, as their body naturally creates testosterone, and also some extra of it will not make much distinction. For female newbies, the best bet is to start with Anavar. It is selected for its mild nature with which it efficiently develops resistance in one’s body for use of such supplements in time. Beginners need to have a clear understanding of the compounds that they will take in. Know a lot more regarding its negative effects and also ideally try to choose the ones that have a brief life in your body. Steroids Canada with its short energetic lifetime in one’s body is an excellent option as it gets rid of easily from your bloodstream and one can conveniently stop the cycle if one desires to. Mentioned listed below are several of one of the most prominent anabolic steroids available on the market: Testosterone This has been verified to be among one of the most reliable steroids for having a fast gain in muscle mass as well as stamina. The most frequently observed side effects are acne, oily skin along a small opportunity of unexpected aggression. The eventual conversion of Testosterone to estrogen in one’s body can cause bust cell formation and also fluid retention. To prepare oneself for such circumstances one must keep remedies such as Proviron or Nolvadex helpful. Stanozolol Likewise referred to as Stromba or Winstrol, it is the most typically utilized steroid. Its intake provides one a consistent gain of muscular tissue mass in a pretty safe method compared to Dianabol. It does not convert into estrogen and so there are no instances of water retention and other associated inconsistencies. It is readily available in both forms of dental as well as intravenous medications. Deca– Durabolin Though it is structurally a whole lot similar to Testosterone, yet its buildings are lacking high androgenic qualities. So even though it transforms to estrogen, the rate is really reduced together with the relevant adverse effects. The very best way to eliminate this is to choose something like Arimidex, which can avoid the activation of progesterone and also minimize the degree of estrogen. One need to also maintain it in mind that the use of steroid depends on the result wanted by the user. It is a procedure that consists of tests followed by analysis, as one goes on building his or her cycle of anabolic steroid. Know much more about its side effects and also preferably attempt to pick the ones that have a brief life in your body. Steroids Canada with its short active life span in one’s body is an excellent selection as it washes away conveniently from your bloodstream as well as one can easily quit the cycle if one dream to. The ultimate conversion of Testosterone to estrogen in one’s body can result in breast cell formation and also liquid retention. Buy Steroids Canada.


4 Reasons to Visit Isla Mujeres

Visit Isla Mujeres is one of the best decisions you can make in your life, located just 15 minutes from Cancun by ferry and only 7 km long.

Best of all, is that being so close to Cancun, you can visit it on your own for a whole day or on a private tour. You also have the opportunity to stay on the Island if you want to know it in its entirety.

That’s why we present to you 4 reasons why you should visit (and fall in love) Isla Mujeres during the summer.

Discover Playa Norte

It is not to brag, but Playa Norte is considered one of the most beautiful beaches in Latin America and the world; this is due to its white sand, crystal clear sea, and perfect swimming. Unlike the beaches in Cancun, many restaurants on the beach can rent you a lounge chair if you eat with them. A Tiki Xic fish and a good beer are the perfect complements for a day of sun, beach, and relaxation.

Many people come with their yachts to the shores of Playa Norte to spend the day there; the right thing for you is that you visit the beach on your own; is that they always have loud music; It will help you get into the mood very soon and might even invite you to party with them.

Discover the Island with a gulf cart or motorcycle

Isla Mujeres is not characterized by having too many cars, being so small, and with narrow streets, motorcycles are ubiquitous among locals. So by not having heavy car traffic, it allows golf carts to travel without any problems.

The places to rent the carts are straightforward to find; as soon as you get off the port, you will see several; however, we recommend that you venture a bit between the streets of the center. The premises that are far from the port are usually cheaper with the rents.

The premises offer different times for rent, which range from 1 hour, 2 hours or all day. Depending on what you want to do, it is time you should rent.

  • 1 hour: If you only want to tour the Island with few stops, this is your option
  • 2 hours: You want to travel the Island, but you also want to get off to take some photos, visit the beach and walk through Punta Sur. This is the best option.
  • All-day: If you want to do all of the above but also want to stop eating, go to the bars or have a good time on all the beaches, this is the ideal option for you.

Garrafón Park

Garrafon Park is the only natural park on Isla Mujeres with one of the most important reefs in the region. You can get there on your own in a taxi or golf cart from the Island (We do not recommend walking because it is far from the center). The good news is that you can also get there from Cancun, with a private ferry that takes you from the Marina Aquatours to the Park.

In Garrafon Park, you can have the best snorkel in Isla Mujeres, kayak, fly in the only zip line that passes over the Caribbean Sea in Quintana Roo, and finally, the Temazcal, an experience to meet your soul and spirit.

Beyond the activities, the Park also offers unlimited buffet services and an open bar; what we recommend is that you propose to spend all your day in this Park so that you enjoy it to the fullest.

There is a park near Garrafón, Dolphin Discovery; this dolphin habitat will allow you to swim with them. Fortunately, there are packages where you can visit both on the same day.

So if your dream is to swim with dolphins and you are interested in Garrafón Park, take the opportunity!

Punta Sur 

The jewel in the crown of Isla Mujeres, these cliffs are the end of the Island, and they are also exceptional; here is the temple to the goddess Ixchel, the only archaeological site on the Island.

Besides this; In Punta Sur, the first rays of light arriving from the entire Mexican republic, it could be said that Isla Mujeres welcomes the sun to visit Mexico.

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Understanding the importance of paediatric care

Health and wellbeing are two of the most instrumental and important aspects of any individual’s life. This is true regardless of who the individual in question is, where in the world they live, what their individual circumstances happen to be, or the focus that they have in different aspects of their life. Over the years, our collective and individual appreciation and understanding of the true importance of health and wellbeing has evolved exponentially as we have become more aware due to having more access to information and research. And in recent years, we have seen a tremendous influx in interesting investment in not only understanding health and wellbeing but also empowering that forward.

Understanding paediatric care

One of the biggest fields in healthcare and medicine is paediatric care. Paediatrics is essentially the branch of healthcare and medicine that focuses specifically on the medical care of young individuals from the time of being infants all the way until they become adolescents. When it comes to genuinely understanding paediatric care, There is quite a lot to be said about the fact that our minds and bodies function quite differently when we are children and young adults then they do when we are full fledged adults and it has a lot to do with the fact that our body is going through many changes, all of which have an important role to play in the evolution of ourselves as individuals and as functioning human beings.

Valuing paediatric care

There is a significant value in paediatric care and what it all comes down to is that there should always be an active and ongoing focus on taking care of ourselves in all aspects of our lives including when we are still developing into adults. Whether it is understanding the value of the local paediatrician in Dubai or appreciate it and supporting the ongoing evolutionary Improvement of paediatrics on a global scale, value in paediatric care is just as much about understanding it as it is about empowering it forward, onward, and upload. The value of paediatrics  is a value that is going to play an important role not only now but well into the future and beyond, if not forever.

Investing in the evolution of paediatric care

And there is also an incredible value in investing in the evolution of paediatric a largely because paediatrics is always going to be an essential service within healthcare and medicine due to the necessary role that it plays in ensuring the healthy development and ongoing appreciation of how an individual functions and thrives in every phase of their lives. Stepping into the future and beyond, understanding paediatric care is going to go hand in hand with investing and its ongoing evolution and improvement. Investing in the evolution of paediatric care is all about investing in health and wellbeing not only now but well into the future and beyond. And this is just the tip of the iceberg. The best is still yet to come.


How Can We Improve the Quality of Life for Older Generations?

There are so many factors that come into play when thinking about how to best support elderly parents, grandparents or relatives.

As the world becomes faster and communications become digital, it’s easy for older generations to feel left behind or have difficulty accessing support services that would bring real value to their lives.

Younger adults also have the burden of responsibility to make key decisions about things such as:

  • Healthcare and medical support
  • Living conditions – care homes vs private residences
  • Financial planning and pensions

It’s a lot to deal with. Yet, millions of people aren’t aware of some of the services on offer, either through public or private organisations, that can help manage all of these elements, with their service users’ best interests as a priority.

Let’s run through some of the things we can do to ensure we put in place solid plans to provide for the generations that came before – and to start thinking about our own futures too!

Making Home a Haven in Later Life

The most significant consideration for many families is around living arrangements. There are multiple options, and the right decision will be personal to you, your relatives, and what sort of support you can offer.

Choices could include:

  • Staying at home with outreach healthcare support.
  • Caring for relatives yourself at home.
  • Permanent residence in a dedicated care home.
  • Opting for supported living as a middle ground. 

Of course, there are pros and cons to each option, and it’s vital to think these through and discuss them carefully before making any decisions.

You’ll also need to look at the financial costs and decide what is most viable long-term to avoid disruption or difficulties further down the line.

Most of us prefer to live at home, where we’re comfortable, settled and have all the familiar belongings that make us feel at ease.

The problem for many people is that caring for a relative at home requires a great deal of time. It also involves adapted equipment, emotional resilience and sometimes physical strength if your loved one needs help with getting about or moving in and out of the shower, for example.

Care homes can be a fantastic choice and ensure you have confidence that your family members are getting the best care possible – but this isn’t for everyone.

Relatives, who don’t like the concept of a care home, or for families where this isn’t financially possible often look for another solution.

Another option involves having a support worker visit your home or be on hand in a supported living facility.

Here’s how it works:

  • Your support worker can come at designated times or on a routine and help with essentials such as shopping, personal care, socialising and staying active.
  • Professional support teams can provide advice on healthcare, practical help with paying bills, and help their patients relax, unwind, and even take a holiday!
  • They advocate for their patients and ensure they don’t sign paperwork or make any decisions that may not be in their interests – such as signing tenancy agreements or making substantial purchases.
  • Support workers can be outreach teams who visit your relative in their own home or stationed at a supported living residence – this is similar to having a private apartment, or can be shared, but ensures each resident has privacy, independence, and their own space to live comfortably on their own terms.

Suppose you’re considering the best route for your family member. In that case, it’s a great idea to speak with a local support worker team, visit some assisted living residences, and get a comprehensive idea about how it works and what the benefits are.

Financial Planning for Retirement

The next crucial factor is finances. If you need to get to grips with a pension fund, investment portfolio or a range of savings accounts, it can be challenging. You’ll need to work out exactly what finances are available and whether they are being managed in the best way.

Pension funds, for example, come in thousands of formats and account structures. There are also rules around lump-sum withdrawals, tax reliefs, and inheritance tax liabilities on gifts.

Therefore, it is critical that you seek professional advice to ensure your family member’s affairs are being properly managed and to help you make informed decisions about the best steps forward.

Many families have the added complication of having older generations who have relocated. There are around 66.2 million expats in the world, growing by about 5% year-on-year.

If your parents or grandparents have property, accounts, or shares overseas, this also needs expert guidance. That will ensure the estate is well managed, and provides the best financial cushion to cover the costs of good living standards and care.

Expat retirement planning is a complex area, and so if you find yourself in this position, you should appoint a financial adviser to help you work through everything carefully.

This exercise is also a perfect way to start thinking about your own retirement funds – with around 25% of Americans having zero retirement savings and no plan for how they will live comfortably in their later years!

If you’re an expat yourself or haven’t started thinking about your pension fund, a financial adviser can help with retirement planning to ensure you’ve got a solid budget, know how much you need to save, and opt for pension products with the best long-term prospects.


The benefits in being consistent with eye care

When it comes to eye care, it is more than fair to say that while for some individuals that focus is more easily navigated and maintained, for others it is more of a work in progress. Of course, this is true in the most general standards of health and wellbeing as well, however in the case of eye health specifically, it can sometimes be easy to let the busy nature of life get in the way. People get in the habit of thinking, “I will make and go to that eye test soon…it is just too busy right now”. It is tremendously important to focus on being active and consistent not just with eye health and eye care but overall health and wellbeing.

There are many benefits of consistent eye care, all of which are important and valuable in and of themselves and which have their own role to play in overall health, wellbeing, and quality of life. Whether it means investing in a new pair of eyeglasses from prescription sunglasses or being familiar enough with your eyes to know if something feels or looks off (and if you need to seek professional medical attention), there are many ways to be active and consistent with eye care. Further, there are also many benefits in being active and consistent with eye care and eye health. So, what are the biggest benefits of them all?

Less maintenance

Of course, arguably the biggest surface appeal in being active and consistent with your approach to eye health and eye care is the convenience and efficiency of having less maintenance in terms of how much there is to correct every time you go in for an eye test or have an issue with your eye looked at. Yes, there is generally more consistency in being active with your eye care on a general basis, however the fact that going in for check ups and the like means that there is most often less maintenance that is required during each and every visit to an eye doctor.

More control

There is also the benefit of having more control over your eye care and eye health when you take it upon yourself to be more active and consistent with the approach that you take to your eye care. The less active and consistent you are with your eye care (like any other aspect of health and wellbeing, for that matter), it is inevitable that you will have less control over the health and wellbeing of your eyes. In choosing to be actively consistent with your approach to eye care and eye health, you take control and maintain that control on a stronger basis.

A healthy focus on maintenance

And finally, being assertive in your approach to eye care and eye health (again, and health and wellbeing in general) will give you a more steadfast appreciation and focus on maintenance and all the value that it adds to your life. A healthy focus on maintenance of caring for one’s health is a fantastic asset in any given individual’s life. And it always will be.


Is American Express More Expensive for Merchants

Based on the marketing and prices of Visa and Mastercard, it would not be surprising if you assume that American Express is insignificant, or even if you neglect it. But the matter of fact is that most businesses still accept American Express in the US. There is no doubt that adding Amex as a payment option in a merchant’s store has been both tedious in setting up and financially. Many merchants feel more comfortable giving up on the market share that uses American Express cards based on the lesser number. But the number is not insignificant either.

Differences of Amex

American Express’s functioning is very different from the models used by other credit card associations. Even though it does fall under the category of credit card processing, the way it operates can be termed better as a charge card. There is a predefined grace period’ in which customers have to pay for the card’s purchases. Furthermore, customers cannot let unpaid dues stay on the menu. Also, no interest has to be paid on the outstanding balance as it doesn’t exist. Another notable difference is that American Express has the role of both the issuing bank of the card and its association. This is notably different from other cards, where a bank signs up with a credit card association. They issue a card bearing the name of the association. This structure is known as a closed network structure.

This closed system allows them to take complete control of their cards. This will enable them to have processing fees as high as they want or as the market allows. But even then, it cannot be termed as a market monopoly as it has to coordinate with large players in the direct payment processing industry, such as Fiserv. These arrangements don’t allow American Express rates to go unchecked, even though they are still higher than other associations. Amex’s pricing can be related directly to its popularity. A significant part of the payment industry prefers Amex based on the rewards and commercial cards processed much easier with Amex.

The cost of American Express

The most major hurdle in all merchants readily accepting Amex as a payment method was that it was too expensive to maintain. Tiny business owners felt overwhelmed by it as it seemed to seep all their profits. American Express has been in the process of improving its services, especially for smaller businesses. It has come up with a more affordable and more comfortable method of payment. For example, for certain types of companies, travel, restaurants, and entertainment, American Express is very popular. And for businesses that operate in these sectors, having Amex as a payment option can be integral to its efficiency. American Express currently offers two different ways of accepting their cards; OptBlue and direct agreement.

In the OptBlue method, the target of American Express is smaller businesses. In this method, American Express provides merchant service providers with wholesale rates through which they can process payments of Amex. The merchant services providers then add on their fees of providing payment processing to merchants, making it very similar to that of Visa and Mastercard for the merchant. Merchants can sign up with a third-party payment processor to quickly access Amex payments and at a more affordable rate than that of their direct agreement. There is, however, no standardization on the payment processors, and they can choose their model of pricing on top of it. There are mainly two different methods by which processors charge merchants. They are an interchange-plus pricing model and a tiered pricing model. Therefore choosing a processor is a whole other story.

OptBlue is perfect for smaller businesses, but the direct agreement is the only choice for larger companies. The explicit deal applies to a business if their annual payments of Amex exceed one million dollars. Amex can do this as it is a closed system with absolute control over its services. This is a second, separate merchant account, and you will have to pay the standard rates of Amex instead of the ones you were paying through the processor. Some processors can help you out by using the same equipment and software to process Amex payments.

Is it Expensive for Merchants?

You will often come across stores or businesses that do not accept American Express cards, even in the US. The only reason is that the costs that American Express charges are way higher than that of its competition, namely Visa, Mastercard, and Discovery.

This is not entirely unreasonable at the end of the merchant. When you look at it from the merchant’s perspective, the card-issuing associations charge different fees for different types of transactions, and some charge even more. These fees add to the cost of running the business, and the prices have to be cut out of the profit, basically the merchant’s livelihood. So keeping out a payment method because it results in an even lesser gain, or other words, increased costs, is understandable at the end of the merchant.

If we look at it in terms of percentages, it might not seem like much of a difference per transaction. Other card issuers are known to charge between 1.5% and 2.5% to process the payments involving their credit cards. But in the case of American Express, these rates range from 2.5% to 3.5%. This difference seems of negligible significance when a single payment is taken under consideration. But we are talking about businesses that can grow above one million dollars in yearly fees. Even this minor difference can translate to thousands of dollars in lost revenue for a business accepting American Express cards.

Therefore, the bottom line is, regardless of OptBlue or direct agreement with American Express, the payment processing fees of Amex are significantly greater than that of other card associations. American Express used to charge differently for CP and CNP transactions. Lately, they removed that discrepancy. Also, there have been talks about American Express thinking of lowering their costs. This is based on the lack of market share and increased competition, causing them to lose revenue in the long run. Until now, all we know is that Visa and Mastercard are more reasonable for merchants to cater to their business. So, yes, American Express is more expensive for merchants.