11 Tricks to Make Your Real Estate Listing Stand Out and Get Noticed

Properties that appeal to potential buyers in the marketplace are likely to have a higher chance of selling quickly as compared to others. As the marketing teams in the business industry put more emphasis on content to grab audience attention, in a similar manner, realtors give more preference to the details of the property to close potential deals. Houses and apartments that capture audience attention are likely to give more returns to the realtors and offer satisfying deals to both parties as well.

It takes a lot of effort to develop a solid real estate listing that can connect to the buyer’s feelings and emotions. After all, people make decisions about buying a property only when it appears satisfying deal to them; on emotional and professional grounds. The new age property agents might be eager to know how to improve property listings to make them stand out in the competitive market. Well, here we have listed few trusted tips from experts in the property market to help you catch audience attention with your listings:

  1. Present honest details

Make sure you design honest listings to capture audience attention. It is important to understand that buyers are not stupid. In the age of the internet where accessing information is possible just with few clicks on tiny handsets, nothing is worse than finding pictures of some garbage property from a realtor.

Moreover, the house listing and presentation may also vary depending upon whether you are promoting it for an individual or for a family. Therefore, it is better to collect adequate details and pictures of your property so that your listing can attract the most relevant people in the market.

  1. Hire professional writer

Marketing strategies define the success rate for a business. For instance, if we talk about the car commercials that are presented on TV and the internet, they rarely talk about the technical specifications; rather they build a connection with the lifestyle of the buyer. The realtors also need to learn such types of strategies to present potential properties to the buyers. The main goal is to present the story behind the property, instead of presenting only stats about it.

  1. Provide MLS data

Even if the potential information is already included in the MLS for reliable data inputs, such as taxes assessed value, etc; it is better to repeat those important details in the public listing as well. At the same time, it is important to note that not all MLS fields are relevant to every type of property; realtors have to be very careful while making a selection for the most important detail to be mentioned in the description online.

  1. Prefer descriptive language

Experts advise using meaningful, descriptive language to present property details online. Many listing agents prefer using fancy words that have no real connection with the property and buyers consider them false advertisements about a low-value property. Therefore, it is better to be genuine and honest with your words. Describe the specific set of features and characteristics of the potential property while using precise numbers to indicate details.

  1. Follow the hook, story, and offer method

In order to write a compelling story listing, you should follow a story, hook and offer marketing technique. First of all, you need to hook the potential buyer to the property with a catchy opening line. Then you have to present some highlights and features of the property along with details about amenities, beds, baths, etc. Finally, you have to add closing words with a sense of urgency and potential offers to grab. It may motivate buyers to invest in your listing.

  1. Highlight pandemic related facts

At the present times, buyers are looking for properties with some bonus rooms, garages, ADUs, and large yards. Pandemic has changed our lifestyle and thus the property buying preferences as well. So, the realtors can now consider these elements as emphasizing factors in the property listing. Your potential home for sale must appeal to the work-from-home community. But at the same time, you have to create a sense of purchase with solid future perspectives as well.

  1. Provide enhanced details

One important aspect that new-age real estate agents need to understand is that shortcuts should be avoided while preparing listings. When buyers are looking for the listings, they are more interested to find relevant information and details. But if everything on your listing is written in brief form; it won’t create a sense of transparency in thoughts. It is better to create a solid first impression with your listing so that buyers can make up their mind to visit the proposed site.

  1. Highlight property location

It is not just about home; people are also interested to know more about the location. For instance, families might be interested to know whether the property belongs to the busy streets of the city or it is located in the peaceful countryside. It is also important to highlight details about the neighborhood and accessibility to the relevant amenities in the surrounding area.

  1. Communicate what pictures cannot

Although you are going to add potential pictures to highlight property in the listings, it is also important to write some content side by side. The experienced realtors prefer adding information that cannot be covered with 3D tours or images. It can be the freeway access, proximity to entertainment, and materials used to build the property as well.

  1. Prefer relevant keywords

In order to capture audience attention and divert more traffic towards your business platform, it is important to use relevant keywords in your listing. Check what phrases people use while searching for new homes. The online keyword tools can help you understand these terminologies. Prepare your listing with the most useful information and add relevant keywords that could bring more visitors to your page. This trick also works with search engine optimization and can help you receive a top ranking on google search engine results.

  1. Mention warranties and upgrades

It is necessary to include some details about upgrades to major systems as well as warranties as this information may help buyers to make up their mind. Such information in listing helps buyers understand the true value for their investment and they would make an immediate decision to explore the property personally.

Once you start following these simple tips and tricks from experts, it will be easier to take your business to a whole new level with valuable real estate listings. The informative and keyword-rich listings can automatically take your realtor business to a whole new level.

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