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What counts as nature? It all depends | UW News

We and our culture and inventions are just as natural as the world we live in. A part of nature not apart.

Humans are a part of nature, but nature isn’t only human. Similarly, a square is a rectangle not all rectangles are squares.

Nature is dynamic, and even if we cannot detect the change doesn’t mean it’s not there. It belongs to everything it encompasses. 

Nature encompasses everything. There is no boundary or edge to which it can be defined and no simple definition because of this.

Because of the nature of nature it has no end or beginning. You cannot choose a single outcome from an endless list.

We are a part of nature which means we cannot fully understand why it acts a certain way. There will always be some unknown.

Science is based on our reality of nature and how we experience it but science cannot reduce nature fully into scientific terms.

Nature is contains matter and empty space. Nature never becomes completely empty of filled, but always stays between empty and completely full.

The dynamic state of nature means that it will always shift from one state to another and never stop at one version. 

Nature is so interconnected that one imbalance can have huge effects. The initial change is often minute when compared to the termination. 

Disruptions in the natural flow of nature results in individuation. Something very new, different, or unexpected resulting from something that frequently occurs.

There are two types of ways that individualization occurs through nature. Through the transfer of energy and through the transfer of information.

An argument for the creation of organized systems is that in the end they increase the entropy of the universe very efficiently.

Technology has changed the mindset of many people from an energetic view on the universe to an informatics view on the universe.

A key difference between information and energy is that information only exists because we created it unlike energy which is exists anyways.

Information is used to enact change. The processing of information results in action. The perception of this is only used for action.

Consciousness is very rare in nature, but sentience is much more common and serves a much more primal purpose of processing information.

Two things can have a connection and interact without ever being aware of each other. Information can be processed without being aware.

Energy is being continually exchanged and transformed very similarly to information which is continually exchanged. Thus, information and energy are equally important.

The difference between acting a knowing is important. One can act without knowing and know without acting. Sentience can be broadly used.

Nature therefore is what every individual instance has in common with each other. Not one or the other but what connects them.

This relationship between very one and everything exists but what it is cannot be simply stated. We simplify only to begin comprehending.

-Russell Fitch

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