Access to water is a huge issue even today’s world. We are lucky to have access to basically unlimited clean water. This isn’t often the case in other parts of the world. Water in many developing countries is tainted in one way or another and there are many projects in place to combat this inequality. Water is essential to life and everyone should have access to clean water no matter where they live. 

Looking at this issue from the perspective of climate change sheds a very different and foreboding light on this critical situation. What happens if we run out of water? Any of us can go into the bathroom and turn on the faucet for as long as we want. We often take this for granted and don’t consider what are lives would look like without this invaluable resource. With increasing temperatures and extreme weather a drought is a very real issue that could arise. This is especially true in places that are already dry and don’t receive a lot of rainfall.  Then think that humans are mostly made of water.

Whenever a resource is scarce the rich get it and the less rich don’t. This would be no different if water became a rarity. This is already obvious in the world today. Who has water and who doesn’t? This creates additional problems of class and divides people even more. The serious problem that climate change could cause to our would be even worse than you might initially think. This is the depressing but very real truth of climate change.

-Russell Fitch

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