surrounded by plastic: metaphorically and literally

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“The Labyrinth of Plastic Waste,” Photographed by Gustavo Sanabria

The “Labyrinth of Plastic Waste” created by Luzinterruptus is an interactive art piece in Barcelona. It raises awareness on the amount of plastic that’s consumed. The audience attempts to “escape” from a maze made with plastic waste. The plastic that’s used is also representative of the products being consumed, with the majority of them being plastic water bottles. When the first project was introduced in Poland (in 2014), the focus was on recycling. However, it’s now shifted to bring light upon how unsustainable human practices have become. Based on scientific evidence of the overconsumption of plastic, this piece allows humans to metaphorically “escape” from their unsustainable practices. Building on this metaphor, the “Labyrinth of Plastic Waste” physically shows how humans are surrounding themselves with literal trash and wastage— with little to no regard on the environmental consequences. By building this art piece from products used the most by people, it strikes a feeling of uneasiness in the audience and calls for a reflection of their relationship with the environment. This effort could be amplified by somehow bringing to attention how this overconsumption of plastic is harming the environment.

Although this piece highlights a detrimental issue concerning the climate crisis, no real solutions are provided. Overall, the costs of production do pay off. Although no alternatives to reduce these practices are given, it’s a first step into forcing individuals to think about their own harmful behaviors. Sometimes, that’s enough to get the ball rolling.

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