Lost in Waste

This piece of artwork is known as The Labyrinth of Plastic Waste. Located in Barcelona, this plastic complex is created out of local usages involving beverages, packaged items, and more. This piece of work looks to bring awareness to the overuse of plastic within our world and our local environments. These artists use products that are local to the area to create a greater discomfort for its visitors. Not only do they get to visualize the vast amount of plastics, but they can see how they contribute to the cause as well.

When it comes to the harmful effects of humans on the environment. Science is found everywhere. In this case, the maze of waste supports the scientific evidence that humans contribute to the well being of the environment. Especially, in terms of biodegradable materials. One needs to understand the science behind how plastic impacts the environment in order to work on making a change.

But that’s not to say that different individuals respond to the artwork in a different way. In fact, most people who view the artwork continue to use plastic waste on a consistent basis. Yet, when viewed in the right perspective, this artwork can be used as a tool. Not only are individuals able to see their impacts on the environment, but they are presented with a work of art that they can admire. It’s easier to admire art then it is to admire our impacts on the environment. As ironic as it may sound, people have the tendency to avoid the topic of plastic waste. So by combining art with a global crisis, it can give people more motivation to act.

Although this is displayed in a way that is a “call-to-action”. It’s overall real impacts may not reflect it’s motives. The artwork clearly states that plastic waste is a significant problem within our world, yet it is not displayed in a manner that will make individuals act based on guilt. Art in its own form can only display the problems, not provide solutions for it. Therefore, it would be difficult for one to act solely based on a common problem. 

The balance between making the artwork and presenting the artwork, is a topic in and of its own. For example, the artist uses local resources to produce their piece. However, the materials themselves are still negatively impacting the environment. Even though the materials are being recycled, they are still a source of harm that we have still yet to solve.

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