7.5*10^11 tons of ice/year

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The Ice Watch gives people a very real and personal experience with climate change. This art piece was one of the most influential to me personally just because you could physically see the change happening in front of you. The art is somewhat science based because it is an actual piece of ice, but it is primarily aesthetic. The art can easily make people reflect on climate change just by looking and realizing that even these small piece of ice melt very fast and that the ones we can’t see much be melting so much quicker. I think this is also a huge tool for awareness because most people wouldn’t have any idea what the numbers mean or even able to fathom how fast ice is melting. This brings the issue straight to the people so people don’t have to seek out the issue which is difficult for most. It is also a call to discussion because of the nature of this art which is very impactful and different, so people will start to think and have an example when talking about climate change. This art doesn’t have a direct call to action, but I can see many people changing their behaviors because it is so influential and profound. The art itself will melt anyways  so that doesn’t have any environmental impact, but the collecting of the ice would use some sort of machine that would likely produce carbon emissions. In the end, I do think that the impact out ways the environmental cost of showing the art even if it is a one time thing.


-Russell Fitch

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