The Walls of Plastic that Surround Us

  1. This piece is called the Labyrinth of Plastic Waste and, as its name suggests, it is a comment on the human population’s disregard for their use of plastics. It a topic that is very prominent when discussing the state of waste in the world, especially in the ocean. The art is relevant and its meaning is clear making it very effective at drawing attention to the main issue. 
  2. I would have to say that this piece relies much more on aesthetics than any science. You can only appreciate it by looking at it in its entirety. The walls of plastic are a warning of what’s to come and maybe what’s already present. You are meant to walk through and be surrounded by all of the plastic waste. 
  3. By creating a maze of out of this material, the artist has created a stronger message than if the plastic had just been strewn about. This interpretation is strongly related to the overall aesthetic. Again, it is meant to bring awareness and caution to a growing issue.  
  4. I believe that there is a call to action here. The artist is saying that we need to curb our use of plastics and dispose of them in a much better way. I don’t think anyone looked at it and thought that they were being urged to create more of a mess. 
  5. Based on looks, I can’t imagine that the cost of creating the maze was very high. It’s actually likely that the artist recycled by using waste they had found in their environment. To me, it seems like they used PVC pipes to the walls from which the plastic is hung. The last thing to note would be the area that it covers which looks relatively small. Overall, the potential for it to create change would be greater than its costs. 
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