to forge a purpose

The artpiece I chose to look at and review was Antti Laitinen’s Forest Square. As an art piece alone, it is very beautiful. What the artist has done is take a 10 x 10 meter of forest and essentially, sort out every little bit of what was in that 10 x 10 meter box by its color. Aesthetically and probably for those that love neatness and perfection, it is simply, beautiful and very pleasing. As for what environmental issue it draws attention to, I’m having trouble deciding if it’s making a point about the environment at all. Even after doing more (but brief) research about the artist and this art piece it’s hard to say that he wants to convey a certain environmental message through it. In fact he mentions in an interview that he didn’t have a particular audience in mind when he made the art piece which in some ways indicates that he didn’t really have a “message” in mind either. Therefore, it is assumed that this art piece was mostly an aesthetic art piece. He mentions in another interview that although this was his most laborious art work, he didn’t think much of it and doesn’t necessarily consider it anything more than another art piece. However I think this art piece can be used to spark a conversation about our environment in that we can do certain things like compare this artwork to certain parts of the world where climate change has had a huge effect on forestry or perhaps use this art piece as a medium to have a “pathos” conversation about earth’s beautiful nature and how we should work to preserve “natural art”. Obviously these are only two random examples that I had just thought of but clearly, this art piece can at least be a good conversation starter about that sort of topic. Obviously, since there isn’t really a message attached to this art piece, there isn’t a “call to action” either. If anything, I think people will be quick to realize that the artist just took 100 meters squared of forest for an art piece and especially since there is no “activism” behind this will realize that it’s sort of counter intuitive to spark a conversation about our environment using this art piece. But who knows, people will first notice the art work and the beauty first and have probably have a long conversation about our environment before they get to the nitty gritty details about how this art piece was made.